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(一) The world in 2050

In 2050,cars will be different.Computers will drive, them.We needn’t know how to drive.Clothes will be different,too.They will always be clean.We needn’t wash them.Mums will be very happy.

In 2050,we needn’t go to schoo1.We can stay at home.We can sit on the chair,look at computers and study。

What do you think the world will be like in 2050? 根据短文内容,找出正确选项。 ( )1.In 2050,——will be different. A.wash B.home C.schools D.cars ( )2.——will drive the cars.

A Computers B.Mum C.We D.Everybody ( )3.Clothes will be different in 2050. will wash them. A.Computers B.Mum C.We D.Nobody ( )4.We don’t need in our study.

A.books B.teachers C.classrooms D.B and C ( )5.Which is wrong?

A.We don’t need cars. B.Clothes will always be clean. C.We needn’t go to sch001.D.Studying will be different.

(二)Future Cars

In the near future.cars are going to be different.People will not drive them.A computer is inside every car.The computer will be able to drive the Car.People just sit inside the car,listen to music,drink tea or even sleep. But people must give orders to the computer before it starts to work. 快速判断对(T)错(F)。

1.Future cars are going to be very different. ( ) 2.Drivers are not inside the cars. ( )

3.Computers can replace(代替)people in every respect(方面).( ) 根据短文内容,回答下列问题。

1.What will people do when the cars are going in the future? People just ,,or even sleep. 2.What must people do before the computer starts to work7 . before it starts to work.

(三)A Dog for My Daughter

We buy our daughter a little dog.There are not many children of her age and we think a dog would make her happy. We are right.They play together happily.Our daughter smiles and laughs a lot more. Both of them are very dirty. But the dog is easier to look after than my daughter. He always eats up all his food and we needn’t wash his clothes. My wife is also very happy because I don’t smoke any more.The dog doesn’t like the smell. 快速判断对(T)错(F)。

1.We buy a dog for our daughter. ( )

2.There are a lot of children of our daughter’S age. ( ) 3.The dog makes our daughter unhappy. ( ) 4.Our daughter always‘’eats up au her food. ( ) 根据短文内容,找出正确选项。

( )1.Our daughter plays with the dog and——a lot more.

A.smiles B.cries C.1aughs D.both A and C ( )2.The dog is——to look after than our daughter. A.more difficult B.difficult C.easy D.easier ( )3。The dog often .

A. looks after my daughter B. eats up his food C. washes his clothes D. smiles and laughs

(四)Are You Going to Dance?

Everybody was dancing while a young man sat alone in a chair.Just then,he was happy to see a beautiful young girl coming towards him.

“Are you going to dance?” asked the girl pleasantly. “Yes,”he whispered.

“Good,”she said.“May I have your seat then?” 快速判断对(T)错(F)。

1.Everybody Was dancing. ( ) 2.A pretty girl came to him. ( ) 3.The man wanted to dance. ( ) 4.The girl wanted to dance,too. ( ) 5.The girl wanted to sit there. ( )

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