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schoolbag 书 包

Chinese book 语文书

English book 英语书

math book 数学书

story-book 故事书

notebook 笔记本


Attention 注意
a an 用于以辅音音素开头的单词前面。 (不是辅音字母) 用于元音音素开头的单词前面。 (不是元音字母)

A:What’s this? B:It’s ___________ a math book.

A:What’s this? B:It’s _________ a notebook.

A:What’s this? B:It’s __________ a story-book.

A:What’s this? an English book. B:It’s ______________

A:What’s this? a Chinese book. B:It’s ______________

1.A:What’ this?

B:It’s a math book.
2.A:What’s this?

B:It’s an English book.
3.A:What’s this?

B:It’s a notebook.
4.A:what’s this? B:It’s a story-book.

请把正确单词 的编号填在括 号里。
A. Chinese book B. math book C. notebook




D. story-book
E. schoolbag F. English book




? ? ? ? 1、Who has a new schoolbag ? 2、Who does Amy talk with? 3、What colour is the bag ? 4、What does the bag look like ?

? ? ? ? Hi, Chenjie . I have a new ____________. Schoolbag black white Really? What color is it? It's _______ and _____. panda Look. Wow. It's a __________. How nice! books English book story book I have many ______. An ____________, a ___________, and... fat ? A ____ panda! have ? May I ______ a look? ? Sure. Here you are.

? 写一篇小习作以“ My schoolbag”为题, 用上今天所学的知识介绍自己的书包(要求颜 色、大小、书包里都有什么等等)

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