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五年级下册英语测试卷 姓名: 成绩: 听力部分(40分)

一、 根据听到的内容,选择单词。(10分)

( )1、A. men B. man C. map D. sun ( ) 2、A. make B. book C. look D. cook ( ) 3、A. many B. woman C. can D.ten ( ) 4、A. card B. car C.park D. hard ( ) 5、A. hurt B. clerk C. picture D. doctor ( ) 6、A. pop B. help C. hotel D. sleep ( ) 7、A. quick B.quiet C. sock D. clock ( ) 8、A. quickly B..slowly C. quietly D. loudly ( ) 9、A. evening B. easy C. everyone D. east ( )10、A. camera B. careful C. Canberra D. can 二、根据听到的内容,选出能回答所提问题的最佳选项。(10分) ( )1、where is the man?

A. At home. B、 In the library . C、 In a shop. D、In the restaurant. ( )2、What does the man buy? A、 a blouse. B、 a T---shirt. C、 a skirt D、 a sweater. ( )3、What colour does the man like? A、Blue B、Red C、Yellow D、 Black. ( )4、How much is the shirt?

A、 Eight yuan B、 Eighteen yuan . C、 Eighty yuan D、 Twenty-eight yuan.

( ) 5、 Is the shirt expensive.

A、 Yes ,it is. B、 No, it isn’t. C、 No,it is . D、 Yes, it isn’t.


( )1、A. You can look a book. B. you can read a book, not a picture ( ) 2、A.You can look out the window. B. You can read out the window. ( ) 3、A. They’re nice. B. It’s a camera. ( ) 4、A. It’s a picture . B. It’s a draw. 四、选出你所听到的短语。(12分)

( )1、A .go for a walk. B. go shopping. C go school. ( )2、A. sit down B. come on . C. stand up. ( )3、A. many gifts B. many pepole? C. many men? ( )4、A .on the street. B. on the square. C. on the tree. ( )5、A .help you . B.I can show you. C. May I help you. ( )6. A. go there B. walk slowly C. too many cars.



1、woman(复数形式2、know(同音词 3、fall(现在分词4、man(单数 5、top(对应词、easy(反义词 7、twelve(序数词、 left(对应词) 9、sun(形容词、smile(近义词) 二、英汉互译(10分)

1、arrive 、 in the train

3、 take a picture 4、在邮局 1 、 wants to go shopping.(对画线部分提问)。 5、指向6、a cup of to go shopping? 7、the bottom of the enevlope 8、去散步 2 、 walk slowly, please.(改为否定句) 9、fly 、Be slowly. 三、用所给单词的适当形式填空。(10分) 1、(a) apple for you. 2、I want (have )some fruit.

3、Li Ming and (be) very hungry. 4、( not) know where to go . 5、Danny would 6、Let’(drive) to the train station. 7、Danny (slow) to school.

8、These (woman). They are singing. 9、“Who is hungry? Ming. 10、Jenny and Li slow. 四、用下列所给的词填空。(8分)

under, by, up, for, to , down , at, in 1、 They Shijiazhuang. 2、May I ’s mother? 3、 I go to 4、 Please , Tom. 5、the photo. 6、7、Where are your pens? They’my pencil—box. 8、They are Beijing on Monday morning. 五、句型转换。(12分)

3、Danny has 对画线部分提问) Danny 4、It’对画线部分提问)

Is it now? 5、这张明信片上有一张小猴子

This postcard little it. 6、Lucy can sing many songs,(改为一般疑问句) Lucy many songs? 7、The park has many children.(改为同义句)。


I help you the postcard. 9、I can fly a kite.(变为一般疑问句) a kite? 10、这本书多少钱?

How much 六、连词成句。(10分) 1、is, the, ten, stamp, yuan.

2 、I , may, picture, take, your.

3、 Danny, for, snack, a, buy, me.


4、needs, a , he, letter, his , for , stamp.

5、walk, Li Ming , down , and, the, Jenny, street.

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