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1. Thanks you for giving me a c__________ to visit your city.

2. The house will fall down. Please carry the old man to s__________.

3. Washington is the c_________________ of the USA.

4. He is a______________ at the result. He won the match at last.

5. Every year the Great Wall a_______________ a lot of foreigners.

6. You’d better practice _____________(说)English every day.

7. How__________________(艳丽) the coral reefs are!

8. We must stop them from _______________(污染)the rivers, lakes and seas.

9. We Chinese are all _____________(骄傲的)of Yang Liwei.

10.The story ________________(听起来) funny.


11.The two bikes are alike. The two bikes are __________ ___________.

12. He asked me “Are you new here?”He asked me_________ I ___________ new here.

13. If you eat more, you’ll be fatter and fatter.The _________ you eat, the _________ you’ll be.

14. He is clever enough to work out the difficult problem.

He is __________ clever _____________ he can work out the difficult problem.

15. Don’t stop trying out your new ideas.

Don’t _________ _____________ trying out your new ideas.


( ) 16. He has___________ been to American, has he?

A. ever B. already C. never D. often

( ) 17. –How long may I___________ the magazine? –Two weeks.

A. borrow B. keep C. lend D. return

( ) 18. Mike’s bike is broken, _____________.

A. so we are B. so ours are. C. so are we D. so are ours

( ) 19. Lucy is _____________ girl. She is able to speak Chinese well.

A. a eight-year-old B. an eight-years-old C. a eight-year-old D. an eight-year-old

( )20. Although he hasn’t got much money, __________ he feels happy all the time.

A. but B. and C. so D./

( )21. Liu Qiang is the pride of China, most people ___________him.

A. speak highly for B. pride of C. speak highly of D. thinks highly of

( )22. I’ve found your _____________watch. You _________it in my office the other day.

A. lost; forgot B. lost; left C. losing; leave D. missed; lost

( )23. I hear you __________ to London. When ________you ________back?

A. have been; did…come B. have went; will…be

C. are going; will…be D. A or C

( )24. There are lots of kites ___________in the sky.

A. are flying B. fly C. flew D. flying

( )25. Can you tell me ______________ she will come or not?

A. if B. weather C. whether D. why

( )26. No one knows ______________next.

A. how to do B. what to do C. when to do D. why to do


( )27. Shanghai is______________ of China.

A. to the east B. in the west C. to the south D. in the east

( )28. The physic teacher told us that light ________________ far faster than sound.

A. move B. moved C. moves D. moving

( )29. _____________ the population of Jiang Su? Do you know?

A. What is B. How many C. How much D. What number is

( )30. Have you ever heard ________________ interesting story before?

A. such an B. so an C. so D. such

III.动词填空(阅读下面短文,用文中括号内动词的适当形式填空,每空1分,记10分) When Jimmy 31 (be) a boy, he liked watches and clocks very much. When he was eighteen years old, he 32 (leave) school and joined the army, and after a year, he began to learn 33 (mend) watches all by himself. A lot of his friends brought him their 34 (break) watches. And Jimmy were ready to help them.

Then his captain(上校) 35 (hear) about this. One day he brought Jimmy a watch too, and said, “My watch 36 (not work). Can you mend it for me?”

Jimmy said, “Of course, sir, I can,” After a few day, he 37 (take) the watch back to the captain.

When he saw the captain, he said to him “I 38 (mend) the watch for you, sir. Here you are.” “Thank you! And how much should I pay you?” asked the captain.

“One dollar, sir.” Jimmy answered. Then he took a small box out of his pocket and gave it to the captain, 39 (say), “Here 40 (be) your three wheels from your watch. I didn’t find a place for them when I put everything back.”

IV.完形填空(共15 小题,记15分)

Mr Brown lived in a city. He 41 all kinds of shoes in his own shop. He was 42 to the buyers and the commodities( 商品) were a little 43 , so people liked to buy shoes in his shop. He got some 44 and his family lived a happy life.

The 45 loved his mother, old Mrs Brown. It was difficult for her to foster(抚养)her only son. Mr Brown 46 all his mother’s hard work. So he bought 47 she wanted and told the servant(佣人)to 48 the old woman.

One day old Mrts Brown felt unwell and couldn’t 49 at night. Mr Brown was worried about it and 50 a doctor. The doctor looked her over carefully and said something was wrong with her over carefully and said something was wrong with her 51 and advised(建议)her to have a good rest by the sea. He 52 the doctor and decided to go there with his mother. Before he 53 , he told the servant to look after the house. A few months later the old woman felt 54 and they returned to the city. And at the end of the next month the servant asked for a rise(加薪). It 55 Mr Brown and he asked her why.

“I sleptt when you were out,” said the girl. “But I worked this month!”

( ) 41. A. bought B. showed C. sold D. lent

( ) 42. A. friendly B. useful C. helpful D. safe

( ) 43. A. stronger B. cheaper C. expensive D. more expensive

( ) 44. A. shoes B. clothes C. knowledge D. money

( ) 45. A. servant B. shopkeeper C. worker D. teacher

( ) 46. A. remembered B. forgot C. knew D. understood

( ) 47. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything


( ) 48. A. help B. save C. look after D. look for

( ) 49. A. eat B. wake up C. get up D. fall asleep

( )50.A. sent for B. rang up C. caught up D. heard from

( )51.A. feet B. teeth C. heart D. hair

( )52.A. waited for B. listened to C. sent away D. stood up

( )53.A. slept B. left C. sat down D. stood up

( )54.A. bad B. worse C. good D. better

( )55.A. worried B. interested C. surprised D. troubled


Once there was a rich man who lived with his wife and child. He loved the child so much that he sent him to Oxford(牛津大学)for two or three years. At the end of the first year at the university, this young student came home. He wanted a change. And he also wanted to tell his parents about Oxford.

It happened one night that the father, the mother, and the young student were sitting at supper., They had in front of them only tow chickens. Just as they were about to begin eating, the father said, “My boy, I have spent a lot of money on you to send you to Oxford. Now I want to know what you have learned.” The son smiled and said, “Father, I have studied some science which can prove(证明)that these two chickens on the plate are really three chickens.” “Well,” said the father, “this is something I would like very much to know.”

“There are two chickens in his hand and said, “Here is one more; and one and two makes three. So here are three chickens.” Then the father took one of the chickens to himself, gave the other to his wife, and said, “I will have one of the chickens myself; your mother will have another; and you can have the third for your supper and nothing else..”

The father kept his word and so the student went without his supper.

( ) 56. The rich man loved his son very much, so he_________.

A. sent him to work at Oxford for two or three years.

B. wanted him to live at Oxford for two or three years.

C. sent him to Oxford to study D. wanted him to open a restaurant there

( ) 57. The story happened _________.

A. one morning when the family were having breakfast

B. one night when the student and his parents were having dinner

C. one evening when they were sitting at the table

D. one afternoon when the student came home.

( ) 58. The father asked his son ___________.

A. how much money he had spent at the university

B. how he liked Oxford

C. what he had learned by the end of the first year at the university

D. how he was getting on with his work

( ) 59. The student said that__________.

A. he could make three chickens

B. he could change the two chickens on the plate into three

C. he could prove the two chickens on the plate were really three.

D. he worked very well

( ) 60. In the end________.


A. the student had nothing to eat for his supper

B. each of them had a chicken for their supper

C. the father gave his son the third chicken to eat

D. the mother gave a chicken to her son


Once a man named Grant found a box of papers(文件)in a room at the top of his house. He burnt(烧) most of them, for he didn’t like old things very much. But one of these papers was an old letter. At the bottom of the letter was the name of a well-known writer.

“When this letter was written,” he thought. “No one knew about the writer. But now everyone knows him. Some people like to buy letters like this. I may be able to get a lot of money for the letter if I sell it to the right man”

But there were a lot of dirty marks all over the letter.

“It doesn’t look nice,” he thought. “No one wants to buy a letter if it’s dirty. I’ll have to clean it first.”

So he took a rubber and a piece of cloth and cleaned the letter. He worked hard and took a lot of car. At last the letter looked new, and he was very, very pleased with his work.

“Now it looks very nice,” he said to himself. “I’ll be able to sell it for a lot of money.” He took the letter to a shop in London where old papers of this kind were bought and sold.

“I want to sell this letter,” Grant said to the man in the shop. “It was written by a well-known writer. You know about these things. How much will you give me for it?”

The man looked at the letter for a long time. “I’ll give you two pounds for it,” he said finally.

“Only tow pounds?” said Grant. “But people pay ten pounds for a letter like this. And just look! I’ve even cleaned it to make it look nice.”

“I can see that,” said the man. “That’s the trouble. People who buy old letters them to be dirty!”

( ) 61. Grant found ___________ in his house.

A. an old letter B. a box of new papers C. some old things D. a well-known writer

( ) 62. The letter cost a lot of money because __________.

A. it was old and useful B. it was written by a famous writer

C. many people wanted it D. Grant cleaned it and it looked nice

( ) 63. Grant cleaned the letter ___________.

A. Because he didn’t want a lot of money B. so he could give it to the right man

C. because no one liked a dirty letter D. because he wanted to get well paid

( ) 64. The man in the shop would pay __________ for the letter at last.

A. nothing B. ten pounds C. two pounds D. six pounds

( ) 65. People who buy old papers like them to be_______.

A. the same as it was B. very new C. very clean D. as dirty as possible C

Mr Kinght was the manager of a hotel. One weekend all of the hotels in the city were full because there was a large meeting. On Friday night, three men came into the hotel and asked for rooms. Mr Kinght explained that because of the meeting, there were no rooms ready for use. The men were very unhappy because they had no place to stay at.

Mr Kinght wanted to help them. He remembered that Room 418, a very small room upstairs, was empty. He asked the men if they would share it. The three said they would.

Mr Kinght said that the rent would be thirty dollars. Each man should only pay ten. The men 4

agreed, paid the money and went up to the room.

Mr Kinght soon began to feel sorry. “Thirty dollars is too much for that small room,” he thought, “ I should give them a discount(打折).”

He called his assistant over and said, “here’s five dollars. Give it to the men in Room 418, he started to think, “How can three men divide(分配)five dollars? The men will be happy enough to get anything back. I’ll take a little money and Mr Kinght will never know.” So the assistant returned one dollar to each man.

Now the puzzle is: At first each man had paid ten dollars. When each got one dollar back from the assistant, it means each man had actually(实际上)only nine dollars. There were three men. $9×3=$27. The assistant kept $ 2. S27+$2=429. Where is the missing dollar?

( ) 66. Mr Kinght was ________.

A. a person who wanted to have a room B. a person who managed the hotel

C. the assistant

D. a traveler who had been in the hotel before the three men came

( ) 67. The three men_________.

A. went to another hotel B. each got a small room for the night.

C. they shared one small room

D. stayed in the small room Mr Kingth had kept for himself

( ) 68. At first each of the three men paid ________.

A. $10 B. $. 25 C. $ 27 D. $ 9

( ) 69. The assistant kept _________.

A. two dollars for himself B. one dollars for himself

C. three dollars for himself

D. Two dollars for himself at first but returned it later

( ) 70. Where is the missing dollar?

A. It was taken by the assistant B. There wasn’t any missing dollar.

C. The dollar was taken by Mr Kinght D. The dollar was taken by the three men.


明天英语课上老师要求每个同学用英语作一个两分钟的演讲,你准备的题目是My Friend Sally.下面是Sally 的有关介绍,请根据这个介绍写一篇讲稿。(80词左右)注意:不要逐句翻译;所写语言连贯,无大的语法错误;开头已经写好(在答卷上面)请你接着写。

Sally 来自澳大利亚,女孩,14岁。父亲是医生,母亲是教师。他们来中国已经5年了。Sally现在海南第六中学学习。她对汉语十分感兴趣,在这学期的全校作文比赛中获得了一等奖。老师和同学们都为她骄傲。她不但擅长绘画而且擅长拍照。她还是一名出色的游泳爱好者,有时还教我们怎样游泳。她说她非常喜爱海南的景色,特别是美丽的海滩。她还说将来大学毕业后就留在海南工作,为保护那儿的环境作一份贡献。

参考词汇: interest; composition; competition; proud; graduate from.




I. A. 1. chance 2. safety 3. capital 4. amazed 5. attracts 6. speaking 7. colourful

8. polluting 9. pride 10. sounds

B. 11. the same 12. if , was 13.more, fatter 14. so, that 15. give up II. 16---20.CADDD 21---25. CBDDB 26---30. BDCAA

III. 31. was 32. left 33. mending/ to mend 34. broken 35. heard 36. doesn’t

37. took 38. have mended 39. saying 40. are

IV. 41---45. CABDB

61---65. ABDCA

46---50ADCDA 66---70. BCAAB 51---55.CBBDC 56---60. CBCCA 6

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