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Listening part


1、 A. strong B. strict C. short

2、 A. sweet B. salty C. yummy

3、 A. Saturday B. Tuesday C. Thursday

4、 A. homework B. housework C. work

5、 A. mouth B. mountain C. mouse

6、 A. cabbage and fish B. cabbage and tofu C. fish and tomato

7、 A. fruit B. from C. frog

8、 A. healthy B. yummy C. fresh


Mary young and active

Tom tall and strong

Linda strict but kind

Mr Wu funny and short

Miss Lin short and thin


1、 A. She’s pretty, B. She likes watching TV.

2、 A. Yes , they are sweet, B. No, I don’t,

3、 A. I like grapes, B. I like green beens,

4、 A.We have computer and English, B,We often do homework and watch TV,

5、 A. It’s Sunday, B.It’s Saturday,

四、听音,补充句子 。

1. I like __________, It’s _______________,

2. What do you do _________ ___________ ?

3. Is she ____________ ? No , she is ______________.

4. Who is __________ English ____________?

5. I often do __________ and _________ computer games,

五、听短文,判断正误,正的写 T ,错的写 F )

( ) 1. Miss Brown is tall and thin,

( ) 2. She often reads books and listens to music,

( ) 3. Our Chinese teacher is Mr Brown,

( ) 4. Miss Brown is our principal,

( ) 5. We like Mr Brown very much,

Writing Part


1.A. peach B. bread C. sheep D. jeans

2.A. thin B. that C. math D. there

3.A. our B. mouth C. house D. yellow

4.A. floor B. frog C. from D. fruit

5.A. what B. who C. why D. white


1. It’s time ________- ?

A. to get up B. for get up C. gets up

2. When is _______________,

A. Mother day B. mother’s Day C. Monther’s Day

3. What _________ you like ________ dinner ?

A. would to B. do for C. would for

4. What can you ________

A. do B. dooes C. have

5. —Who’s that young woman?

—________ my aunt,

A. She B.She’s C. Her

6. — What do you ________ for lunch ?

—Fish and tofu

A. had B.have C. has

7. Noodles are my favourite __________.

A. fruit B. drink C. food

8. I like beef and chicken , but I am heavy now. I have to eat more _____.

A. vegetbales B. mutton C. water

9. ____________ about you ?

A. Where B. When C. What

10. The first day of a week is __________

A. Monday B. Saturday C. Sunday


1.What do you do on __________________.( 星期三 )

I often ______________ _________________( 读书 )

2. We have Chinese , _________(美术课) and ________(数学课)on mMondays.

3. I like __________( 西红柿) very much. It’s my _______________(最喜欢的)。

4.I don’ t like ____________(葡萄), They’re ____________(酸的)。

5. He is a university ___________(学生)。


1. day it what today is


2. your is what food favourite


3. do on you what Sunday do


4. is English your who teacher


5. have eat I to more vegetables



John: Hello.

Zhang: Hi, John. ______________________________What are you doing ? John: _______________________________

Zhang: Do you want to go to the ____________________

John: Sure. _____________________________________

Zhang: 10:30.

John: Ok,__________________-

Zhang: Bye,

A. See you later. B. Children Center , C. This is Zhang Peng.

D.I am doing my homework, E.What time ?


A bus stop (停) at a small bus-stop (公共汽车站). A man looks out of the window and sees a woman, She is selling (卖) cakes, The man wants to eat a cake , but the woman isn’t near here, It’s raining and the man doesn’t want to go out in the rain, Soon (不久) , the man sees a boy, The boy is near the window, “Do you know how much the cake is ?” “Twenty fen.” The boy says, The man gives the boy forty fen and asks him to buy two cakes. “One is for you and one for me,” He says to the boy,

After a while (一会儿) , the boy comes back, He’s eating a cake. He gives the man twenty fen and says “Sorry , there is only one cake left (剩下).”


1. Where is the man ?

A. He is at home, B. He is in a bus. C. He is in a car.

2. What’s the woman doing ?

A. She is eating cakes. B. She is making cakes, C. She is selling cakes.

3. How many cakes does the woman have ?

A. Only one B. Two, C. Many.

4. How much are two cakes ?

A. Twenty fen, B. Forty fen C. I don’t know.

5. What’s the result (结果) ?

A. The man eat a cake, B. The man doesn’t eat a cake,

C. The boy doesn’t eat a cake,



1. My father is very strict ,

2. Amy likes stawberries best , because they’re sweet,

3. I often do sports on Thursday,

4. My mother often does housework at home,

5. Open your mouth,

6. What do you have for lunch ? I have some fish and cabbage,

7. Apple is my favourite fruit,

8. I like eggplant , because it is yummy,



Mary is a funny and short girl, She’d like some fish and green beens.

Tom is tall and strong, He’d like some chicken and hamburgers,

Linda is short and thin, She’d like some tomatoes and tofu,

Mr Wu is strict ,but he’s kind , He’d like some potatoes and eggplant,

Miss Lin is young and active, She’d like some mutton and soup,


1.What’s she like ?

2.Do you like mutton for lunch ?

3.I like green beens ,because they’re healty,

4.What do you do on Saturday ?

5.What day is it today ? Today is Saturday. What day is it tomorrow ?



1. I like ( pork ), It’s (tasty),

2. What do you do ( on ) ( Fridays ) ?

3. Is she ( active ) ? No , she is ( quiet ).

4. Who is (your) English ( teacher )?

5. I often do ( sports ) and ( play )computer games,


Miss Brown is our principal, She is our Chinese teacher, She is tall and thin, She often reads books and plays pingpong,She always play pingpong with us, We like her very much,





3.Wendesdays read books art math tomato favourite grapes sour student

4. 1).What day is it today ?

2).What is your favourite food ?

3).What do you do on Sunday ?

4).Who is your English teacher ?

5).I have to eat more vegetbles,

5.C D B E A

6.B C A B B

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