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英语教案 单词

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任课教师:张楠 班级:八年一班

Module 4 Unit 1 He lives the farthest from school. ⅠTeaching model

Listening and speaking

ⅡTeaching method

PWP approach

ⅢTeaching aims

1. Key vocabulary: road, accident, except, far, far away, crowded, choice, classmate,

close, all the time

2. Key structures: Superlative adjectives and adverbs (-est, most); irregular


ⅣTeaching aids

OHP, video

ⅤTeaching Steps

Step 1 Lead- in: Look and match.

1. Ask the students to read the words in the box.

2. Look at the pictures carefully.

3. Now match the words with the pictures.

Step 2 Pair works

Work in pairs. Show some pictures and ask “How do you often go to school?” Step 3 Introduce the new words.

Step 4 Introduce the Superlative adjectives and adverbs

Step 5 Listen and read.

1. Play the video and ask the students to listen and read the conversation.

2. Ask the students to read the conversation again and complete the table.

3. Read again and find out the Superlative adjectives and adverbs.

Step 6 Do exercises

Step 7 Summary: What have you learnt today?

Step 8 Homework

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