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Bb___Dd Ff___Hh___ Nn___Pp Tt___Vv___Ww ____Ll___Mm Pp___Rr ___Jj


m ___re m__ss mea___

co___ect h___bby wam___n


( )pen friend

( )how big

( )lots of

( )speak English

( )write to

( )Spring festival

( )send an email

( )collect stamps

( )dragon boat

( )the Great Wall


( )⒈Tell me more ____Shanghai .

A. about B.for C.to

( )⒉How____is beijing?

A. small B.big C.tall mee___ somet___mes ant___er f___stiva_⒈许多⒉笔友 ⒊多大 ⒋说英语 ⒌春节 ⒍收集邮票 ⒎给……写信 ⒏长城 ⒐发送邮件⒑龙舟

( )⒊ It’s nine _____

A.clock B. o’clock C.time

( )⒋ I’m ____an email to my frind.

A.sends B.send C.sending

( )⒌Daming ________ a Chinese kite .

A. have got B.has got C. there is

( )⒍I ______ some chopsticks .

A. have got B. there is C. there are

( )⒎ ________ a Chinatown in New York .

A. have got B. There is C. There are

( )⒏There aren't________ books on the table .

A. some B. any C. a D.an

( )⒐____stamps is my hobby.

A. Collct B.Collects C.Collecting

( )⒑What do you do____Thanksgiving Day

A.on B.in C.of

( )⒒-Can you speak English? -Yes ,______

A. have B. can C. do

( )⒓ -What are you doing? -I'm ________ an e-mail .

A. send B. sending C. sends






3. There are lots of Chinese shops there.


4. Thanksgiving is my favourite festival


5. Pleased to meet you.



1. do you China miss(?)

_____________________________________________ 2 Chinese of are there restaurants lots(.)


3. sing songs can I English(.)


4. stamp China from this is(.)


5. map big of a What America(.)



( )1.你想了解更多的关于美国的节日,该怎么问?

A.I want to know something about American festivals.

B.Can you tell me more about American festivals?

( )2.你想知道你同学在中秋节那天都做了什么,该怎么问?

A.Whate are you doing?

B. What do you do on Mid-Autumn Day?


A.What are you doing,Daming?

B.What do you want to do,Daming?


A.Can you speak English?

B.Can you be my pen friend?

5.Simon 想知道长城有多长时应该怎么问?

A.How big is the Great Wall?

B.How long is the Great Wall?


I'm Laura .Daming is my friend and I want you to be my pen friend. I live in New York, but I' m not American. I'm from London in England. We are all English. I want to visit China someday .

( )1. My name is Laura

( )2. Daming isn't my friend .

( )3. I don't want to have a friend .

( )4. I live in England ..

( )5. Laura and her pen friend are all English.

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