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学校:___________ 班级___________ 姓名___________ 一、 字母(15分) (

(run saw spend dropped meet ran drop met see spent 三、 词汇归类(5)(把不同类的单词写在题钱的括号里) ( ) 1.A I B you C hamburger ( ) 2. A boy B two C one ( ) 3.A red B apple C yellow ( ) 4. A cat B dog C cola ( ) 5.Astudy B cola C read 四、 单项选择(20分)

( )1.What do you want to eat? I want to eat ________________.

A. a hot dog B. card C . car

( )2.I __________Sam. A. is B. are C . am ( )3.How are you today? ________________.

A. I’m fine, thank you. And you? B. How do you do? C . How old are you?

( )4.Look!It’s _______now. A. to rain B. raining C . rain ( )5.The apples are falling ________________the sstairs.

A. up B. to C . down

( )6.He is riding his bike,_____ it’s starting to rain.

A. so B. but C . for

( )7.Shen zhou V flew________space.

A. into B. and C . about

( )8.He spent _________twenty-one hours in space.

A. about B. at C . to

( )9. ______name was Louis Braile.

A. He B. Him C . His

( )10.San________to school every day.

A. to go B. goes C . go

( )11.There are two ___________on the desk.

A. apple B. apples C . appls

( )12.Did he go shopping yesterday? ________________.

A. Yes, he did. B. Yes, he didn’t. C . No, he didn’t.

( )13.They can’t ________________.

A. walk B. to walk C . walking

( )14.I am looking out ___________the window.

A. at B. of C . to

( )15.What do you want to eat? I want to eat ________________.

A. a hot dog B. card C . car

( )16.Are they playing basketball?________________.

A. Yes, they are. B. Yes, they can. C . No, we can’t.

( )17.They went to the zoo _____________ car.

A. on B. at C . by

( )18.The balloons are flying ________________.

A. down B. away C . of

( )19.He was born _______________1950_.

A. at B. / C . in

( )20.-----__________are you going to go to school? ------By bus.

A. What

B. How C . Why

________ their bicycles . Then they ____________the game. They ________their favourite team. Their team ___________very well and they _______. Daming and Simon ____a hot dog and ________colas. It ______a great game.



( )1.Where are you going ? A. Science and History. ( )2.Is that man your brother? B. We are going to school. ( )3.Why are you scared? C . Yes, there is.

( )4.Is there a ball under the chair ? D. Because there is a cake. ( )5What are you going to study ? E. Yes, he is my brother. ( )6.What can you see in the sky ? F. Yes, I am.. ( )7.Did you have a good time yesterday ? G. A bird.

( )8.What is the girl going to do tomorrow ? H. She is going to practice English. ( )9.How many balloons can you see ? I. No, we didn’t. ( )10.Are you going to read the newspaper ? J. I can see four. 七、按情景完成下列对话。(并把答案代号填在空格处) A: Hello, good morning!


A: What are yo ugoign to do? B:__________________

A: When are you going to do ?

B:__________________ A: Are you going to go with me?


A: Good bye! B:__________________

八、连词成句。(15分)(注意大小写和标点符号) 1.name /What’s /your

______________________________________________ 2.He/ watching/ TV/is

_____________________________________________ 3.are/ you /How / old

______________________________________________ 4.swimming/Do/ like/you

_____________________________________________ 5.you/ to /Nice /meet

_____________________________________________ 6.we / going / to /are/a / have/ picnic

______________________________________________ 7.the / are / apples /falling/ stairs/down /the

______________________________________________ 8.a / I/ book/for /you / bought

______________________________________________ 9.I /going/ a /am /party /birthday/ to /have

______________________________________________ 10.the/ flying /balloons /away /are

九、用所给词的适当形式填空。(6分) 1.It’s going to ____________(rain)in Beiing. 2.It’s going to ____________(cold)in Dalian.

3.He’s ____________(eat)dinner, but the doorbell ids ringing. 4.It__________________________(snow)soon. 5.Do they like ____________(swim)?

6.What does he want ________________(drink)? 十、阅读理解。(T or F)(10分)

There are four people in my family. There are my father、my mother、my sister and I. I’m fourteen. My mother is a teacher. My sister is a nurse. I like cola and hamburgers. My sister like coffee and apples. She doesn’t like fish. ( )1. There are fourteen people in my family. ( )2. My sister is a teacher.

( )3. My sister doesn’t like coffee and apples ( )4. like cola and hamburgers. ( )5. My sister doesn’t like fish.

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