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六年级M6U1 I've got some Chinese chopsticks

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Tell us about festivals and ask 3 questions about it.

Make the right ones!

1. Can I write to he?
Can I write to him?

Make the right ones!

2. She likes read books.
She likes reading books.

Make the right ones!

3. He give presents to the children.
He gives presents to the children.

Listen and answer.

Looks like: ….

Like: ….
Has got: .… From: ….

Listen and answer.

Listen and repeat.

1.Laura met Sam in New York. ( F ) 2.Laura has got long ,red hair and blue eyes. ( ) 3.The chopsticks are very difficult for

True or false:


Laura. ( ) 4.Laura’s brother has got a Chinese book. ( F) 5.Laura is from England. ( F ) 6.New York is a very big city. ( )



I’m your good friend. I’m long and thin.
I’m always on the table.

Chinese chopsticks

People love me very much. I’m big and beautiful.
I’m always in a country.


A knife and fork is easy for English people. difficult for But it’s very ___________
Chinese people.

This question is so difficult. answer it. Nobody can ___________

I’ve got long, yellow hair. I’ve got two big eyes. Guess who I am ?

I’ve got short, red hair. I’ve got a red bag. Guess who I am?

I’ve got long, red hair. I’ve got blue eyes. Guess who I am ?

Make a long dialogue

Tell me about Lingling

Do you know about America?

It’s… ………

Listen and write.


have got… black hair black eyes chopsticks
dumplings Chinese

has got…
red hair blue eyes knife and forks hamburger


1. M6新单词抄三遍并造句。 2. 熟读p22. 3. Duty Report is about Lingling.(介绍Lingling)

Listen and say.

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