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听力部分(40分) 一、听录音,用“√”划出你所听到的内容。(8分)

( )( )( )( ) 21 3 4 ( )( )( )( ) ( )( )( )( ) 5 6 7 8 much( )( )( )( )


A、 B、 C、 D、 E、

1、( ) 2、( ) 3、( ) 4、( )5、( )


( )1、A、Two. B、Three.

( )2、A、I go by subway. B、I can go by bus. ( )3、A、No,it isn't. B、Yes,I am.

( )4、A、Next week. B、I'm going to the bank. ( )5、A、I have a post card. B、Yes ,I do. ( )6、A、I want to buy a book. B、I read books.

( )7、A、It's near the door. B、It's east of our school. ( )8、A、They're white. B、It's blue.


六英中(A) - 1 -

( )1、Mike is eight years old.

( )2、He has a birthday party on Saturday.

( )3、Sarah takes the No.4 bus.

( )4、Get off at the bookstore.

( )5、Mike's home is on the right.


1、 I go to school by .

2、Chen Jie is going to the plant shop .

3、Turn left at the ,then .

4、 look at the .



[bi:t∫] [ˊfɑ:e?] [m ? st] [f ? n] [∫Ip] [een]

father fan beach then ship must


1、sea(同音词) 2、some(同义词)

3、bus(复数) 4、driver(动词)

5、it's(完全形式) 6、twelfth(基数词)

7、skating(原形) 8、old(反义词)

9、get to(中文) 10、dictionaries(单数)


1、Happy birthday you!

六英中(A) - 2 -

2、I'm going to (be)a doctor one day.

3、You can (go)to the pet shop the south gate.

4、Sarah goes to school foot.

5、This (be)Zhang Peng.

6、In China,you must go the right side

The road.

7、 (He)home is next to the supermarket.

8、Mike and John (be)going after school.


( )1、Can you write weekend plan.

A、she B、an C、a

( )2、Does he have comic books?

A、/ B、some C、one

( )3、Now let tell you.

A、me B、I C、my

( )4、Please come to my home 6am.

A、in B、at C、on

( )5、We're going my uncle.

A、and B、to C、with

( )6、 you by train?

A、Do B、Are C、Does

( )7、Walk north three minutes.

A、at B、on C、for

( )8、I'm going to buy a magazine plants.

A、on B、about C、at



六英中(A) - 3 -


3、The post office is near the park.(就划线部分提问)

4、I'm going to take a trip tomorrow.(就划线部分提问)

5、I go to Canada by plane.(写出问句)

6、黄灯等。(翻译句子) at a light.


Peter is from the USA.He's in our class.He's tall and thin.He

has a big nose and two big blue eyes.His hair is brown.He likes music best.He goes to school by bus every day.He can speak some Chinese,but he can't write it.We help him with his Chinese.He helps us with our English.We are good friends.

( )1、Peter is our good friend.

( )2、He has two big black eyes.

( )3、He likes science very much.

( )4、He can't speak Chinese.

( )5、Peter helps us with our English.

六英中(A) - 4 -

六年级英语科期中质检卷(A)听力材料及参考答案 听力材料


1、fish 2、Chinese 3、ship 4、Thursday

5、many 6、want 7、then 8、night


1、go to the museum 2、read a magazine 3、go to the hospital

4、turn right 5、turn left


1、How many traffic lights? 2、How do you go to the park?

3、Is your home near the library? 4、When are you going?

5、Do you have a post card? 6、What are you going to do?

7、Where is the cinema? 8、What's the colour?


Dear Sarah,Please come to my eighth birthday party on Sunday.Now let me tell you how to come:Take the No.5 bus from the bookstore.Get off at the cinema.Walk straight for two minutes.My home is on the left. Yours Mike.


1、Sometimes I go to school by bike.

2、Chen Jie is going to the plant shop this afternoon.

3、Turn left at the cinema,then go straight.

4、Please look at the traffic lights.



一、(参照听力材料) 二、D A E C B 三、B A A A B A B B

四、√×√×× 五、(参照听力材料)



二、1、see 2、any 3、buses 4、drive 5、it is 6、twelve

7、skate 8、new/young 9、到达 10、dictionary 三、1、to 2、be 3、go at 4、on

5、is 6、on of 7、His 8、are

四、C A A B C A C B

五、1、That will be fun 2、Look for me near the door

3、Where is the post office? 4、What are you going to do tomorrow?

5、How do you go to Canada? 6、Wait yellow

六、T F F F T

六英中(A) - 5 -

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