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五年级单元测试题 Unit 4



3.铺床_____________________4.empty the trash_______________

5.at home_____________6.wash the windows__________________

7.浇花______________________ 8.have a try_________________


11.put away the clothes________________12.robot______________


15.play chess___________16.do housework____________________


19.just do it______________20.使用计算机____________________

21.helpful_____________ 22.ill_______________


1.I’d like to(完全形式)____________ 2.have(单三)_________

3.tomato(复数形式)___________ 4.cannot(缩写形式)________

5.help(形容词)__________ 6.photo(复数形式)_____________

7.short(反义词)_________ 8.Tue.(完全形式)_____________

9.potato(复数)__________ 10.Saturday(缩写形式)___________


( )1.A. short B. horse C. storm D. porridge ( )2.A. tall B. eggplant C. small D. ball ( )3.A. play B. plane C. photo D. plate ( )4.A. pork B. pretty C. prince D. pride ( )5.A. ill B. bike C. nice D. like


( )1. What __________the monkey do?

A. are B. can C. do D. cans

( )2. I can _____________the clothes.

A. put B. away C. put away D. \

( )3. -----Are you helpful at home?-----_______________.

A. Yes, you can. B. Sure.

C. Yes, you not D. No, you not.

( )4. Can you empty the trash?___________________.

A. No, I can. B. Yes, I can’t.

C. No, I cant D. No, I can’t.

( )5. Is she in the kitchen?_________________.

A. Yes, they are B. Yes, she is

C. Yes, she can D. No, she is.

( )6. I can ____________a computer well.

A. uses B. use C. to use D. using

( )7. Who ______________they?

A. be B. am C. is D. are

( )8. What can you_______________?

A. do B. to C. are D. /

( )9. Can you do the ____________?

A. dish B. dishes C. dishes D. dishing

( )10. ------_______________ can make clothes?

-----My mother can.

A. Who B. What C. Where D. Whose


1. can, What, do, You,(?)


2. can, Sarah, the, set, table.(.)


3. you, the, Can, water, flowers(?)


4. can, I, the bed, make(.)


5. can, I, the, floor. sweep(.)



( )1. What can you do? A. She can water the plants. ( )2. What can Sarah do? B. Fish.

( )3. Can you use a computer? C. No, I can’t.

( )4. Can you wash the clothes? D. Yes, I can. I’m a computer. ( )5. What’s you favourite food? E. I can wash the clothes.



1. I can cook the meals.( )

2. I can empty the trash.( )

3. I can do the dishes. ( )

4. I can wash the clothes.( )

A.Remember to pick out the batteries .

B.Remember to swich off the gas.

C.Remember to separate the coloured clothes from the white ones.

D.Remember to rinse off the detergent.


My name is Ann. I have a happy family. We share the housework. My father Can cook the meals. My mother can wash the clothes. I can put away the clothes. My sister can do the dishes. My brother can make the bed.

1.What can Ann do? She can________________________________.

2.Can her father cook the meals__________________________.

3.What can her mother do? She can _______________________.

4.What can her sister do________________________________.

5.What can her brother do_______________________________.


Dear Mother:

Happy New Year! Thank you for your hard work. Now I can help you do the housework. I can ____________. I can ___________. I can ______________. I can _____________,and I can _______________, too. I’m very helpful at home now.

Your son/ daughter _______

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