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总分:120分 用时:90minutes 等级

一、 选出不同类的单词。(共10分,每题2分) ( )1、A. cake B. juice C. milk ( )2、A. these B. those C. are ( )3、A. five B. need C. want ( )4、A. met B. dear C. ran ( )5、A. kilo B. noodles C. cheese 二、英汉互译。(共20分,每题2分)

1. wait for 2. 回来 3. last Sunday 4. 居住在 5. make a list 6. 快点 7. shopping list 8. 0.5千克 9. lots of places 10. 1千克面条 三、 选择方框内的单词完成句子。(共10分,每题2分)

1、How cheese do you want ? 2、When you come back ?

3、Daming comes china . 4、This is my ice .

5、Let’s buy one kilo noodles . 四、选择填空。(共30分,每题3分)

1. ( )-------did you come back ? We came back last Sunday . A. When B. Who C. How 2. ( )Did you go to school yesterday ?

A. Yes, I do B. No, I didn’t C. Yes , I can. 3. ( )How --------meat do you want ? Half a kilo. A. many B. much C. any 4. ( ) Do you live ------Sanya?

A. in B. on C. of 5. ( ) Let’s buy two------of cheese .

A. box B. kilos C . kilo 6.( )1.How are you?. I ’m_____,_______. A.new, thanks. B.Fine,thank you C.old thanks 7.( ) I ____TV yesterday.

A.watching B.watched C.watches 8.( ) ______bananas do you want?.

9.( )—_______did you go to school? —By bike. A.What B. Where C. How 10.( )— Where did you go? --We lots of places. 4. last Sunday, she , back, came .

A.visits B.visited C.visit 五、情景对话。(共10分,)

A. How many do you want? B. Can I help you? C. Here you are . D. Good morning! A: Good morning !B: A: B: I want apples . A: B: three , please . A: B: Thank you .

1. 2. 3. 4.

六、连词从句(注意大小写和标点符号)(共25分,每小题5分) 1.you, When , did , come back ?

2. We , by bus ,went home yesterday .

3. do, want , How much , milk, you ?

5. you , Did , yesterday , watch TV ? 七、阅读理解。(共15分,每题3分)

Last Sunday I went to the bookshop(书店) with my parents. We walked to the bookshop. On the way, we met John and his sister. They went to the bookshop , too. John is Lingling’s friend. John and I are in the same class. In the bookshop, we bought many books. John bought a book about animals for Lingling.


( )1. Last Sunday I went to the park with my parents. ( )2. We went to the bookshop by bus.

( ) 3. John and I are classmates. ( )4. John and his parents went to the bookshop, too.

( ) 5. John and I bought many books.

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