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牛津小学英语5A Unit 6 第一课时

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5A Unit 6 Doing Housework (第一课时)


《牛津小学英语》 5A第六单元第一课时 (Part A)



1.能正确地听、说、读、写morning,home,help,Maths,听、说、读do housework,sweep the floor,clean the windows,help... with...,并且能够运用词语造句;

2.在特殊疑问句的基础上,学习现在进行时的特殊疑问句What are you/they doing? What is she/he doing?及其答句I’m/We’re/They’ re...She/He is...:







2.了解打英语电话的习惯与常用语,为学习5B《Unit 2 A telephone call》奠定基础。






课件 录音机


Step 1 Free talk

T: Good morning, boys and girls. How are you today?

S: Fine, thank you.

T: Is it Sunday today?

S: No, it isn’t.

T: What day is it today?

S: It’s …

T: Do you like …?

S: Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

T: Do you like playing games?

S: Yes, I do.

T: Let’s play a game “Act and guess”

Step 2 Presentation and practice

T: When we play the game, I act and you guess.

(sing) What can I do?

S: Sing.

T: Yes, I can sing. And I am singing.

S: (Learn: singing and the Simple Present Tense)

T: Good! (dance) What can I do?

S: Dance.

T: Yes, I can dance. And I am dancing.

S: (Learn: dancing and the Simple Present Tense)

T: How about you? What can you do? Who would like to act? S: (Come to the blackboard and try to act.)

T: What is he/ she doing?

S: He/ She is …

T: Well, it’s my turn again. (clean the windows) What am I doing? S: You are cleaning the windows.

(Learn: clean the windows)

T: (sweep the floor) What am I doing?

S: You are sweeping the floor.

(Learn: sweep the floor)

T: (do housework) What am I doing?

S: You are doing housework.

(Learn: do housework)

T: Yes, I’m doing housework. But there’s too much housework, I can’t do it all. Can you come and help me with the housework?

S: Yes. (Learn: help … with …)

T: I need more helpers. Let me make a phone call.

(make a phone call) Hello!

S1: Hello!

T: Is that …?

S1: Yes. This is …

T: Are you free now?

S1: Yes.

T: And I am doing housework. There’s a lot of housework. Can you come and help me with the housework?

S1: Sure.

T: How about this afternoon?

S1: OK. See you this afternoon.

T: See you. This is a phone call. Do you know how to make a phone call? What can we say on the phone?

S: Is that …?

(Learn: Is that …?)

T: Great! You’re all clever children. Listen! The telephone is ringing. Who is also making a phone call now? But what are they talking about on the phone? Let’s listen to the tape.

S: (Watch the video)

T: Question time. What day is it?

S: It’s Sunday.

T: Yes, and it’s Sunday morning. Where are Su Hai and Su Yang? S: They’re at home.

T: What are they doing?

S: They are doing housework.

T: What is Su Hai doing?

S: She is sweeping the floor.

T: How about Su Yang?

S: She is cleaning the windows.

T: What is Nancy doing?

S: She is doing her homework.

(Learn: do one’s homework)

T: Does she need help with her Maths?

S: Yes, she does.

(Learn: Maths)

Stop 3 Consolidation

T: Well done! Now open your books and read their dialogue again. Then try to finish some exercise on your paper. There are two exercises. You

can choose one which you’re most interested.

S: (Read the dialogue and finish the exercise on the paper)

1. Judge (T or F)

1) It is Sunday afternoon.

2) Su Hai and Su Yang are doing housework.

3) Su Hai is cleaning the windows.

4) Nancy is sweeping the floor.

5) Su Hai and Nancy are going to meet this afternoon.

2. Fill in the blankets

It is _________ _________. Su Hai and Su Yang are at ________. They are _______ _________. Su Hai is _________ ________ ________. Su Yang is ______ ________ ________. And Nancy is ______ ______ _______. Su Hai will come and help Nancy with _____ _______ this __________.

T: You all did a good job! I still have some homework for you. S: (Finish the exercise in class or after class)

3. Make a phone call and complete the table

A: Is that …?

B: Yes.

A: What are you doing?

B: I’m …. How about you?

Step 4 Homework

1. Copy, read and memorize the dialogue.

2. Make a phone call to ask your friend what he/she is doing.

3. Preview Part B & C.

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