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Test One

1、Read and write. (20’)

1) Bobo: That’s my cousin,Tom.

Sandy:Does he like to play volleyball?

Bobo:Yes,he does.

2) Bobo:Where’s lily?

Sandy:She’s over there.She likes to play tennis.

3)Bobo:That’s my friend Meiling.She likes to play basketball.

4)Bobo:Does Pam like to play table tennis?

Sandy:No,she doesn’t.She likes to play soccer.

Tom likes to play Lily likes to tennis.

Pam like to play table tennis.

Meiling play basketball.

2、Read and write .(20’)

boy 男孩 brown 棕色 cheese 奶酪 coin 硬币 cook 厨师 cow 奶牛 food 食物 good 好 mouse 老鼠 mother 妈妈 sheep 绵羊 shirt 汗衫 short 短裤 spoon 勺子 teeth 牙齿 thick 厚的

1) k makes g d f d. 厨师烧制好吃的食物。

2) The eep is wearing a irt. 这只绵羊穿着一件汗衫。

3) The c is wearing orts. 这只奶牛穿着一件短裤。

4) That m se has eese in its tee 那只老鼠嘴里叼了块奶


5) That b has a big c n. 那个男孩有一枚大的硬币。

6) My mo er has a ick br n sp n. 我的妈妈有一个棕色的厚勺子。

3、What time is it?(20’)

seven o five eight fifteen nine thirty ten forty-five three o’clock eleven o two twelve o’clock four twenty


4、Choose and write.(20’)

1) What’s JiaMing’s favorite class?

He likes


2) Does JiaMing like Social studies?

3) What’s Sandy’s favorite class?

She likes , , and

4) What’s your favorite class?

5、Look and write.(20’)

above 在……上面 below在……下面 in front of在……前面 behind在……后面

1) where’s the pear?

It’s the apple

2) where’s the peach? It’s the

前 后

3) where’s the butter? It’s the tofu

前 后

4) where’re the ? They’re the candy. 2

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