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( )1. A. subway B. ship C. plane

( )2. A. west B. south C. north

( )3. A. yesterday B. tonight C. tomorrow

( )4. A. sprout B. seed C. soil

( )5. A. artist B. actor C. actress



( )1. A. She’s going this Saturday.

B. She’s going by car.

C. She’s going to the theme park.

( )2. A. By car. B. By plane. C. By bus.

( )3. A. He lives in Canada. B. He likes playing the piano.

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C. He goes to school by taxi.

( )4. A. He likes drawing. B. His hobby is swimming C. He’s a doctor.

( )5. A. Sure, if you like. B. No, it isn’t. C. Yes, I can.


( ) 1. Mike comes from China.

( ) 2. Mike likes playing football.

( ) 3. Mike likes blue best.

( ) 4. Mike doesn’t like collecting stamps.

( ) 5. Mike wants to find a pen pal.



( )1. A. dictionary B. plant C. magazine D. newspaper

( )2. A. engineer B. policeman C. factory D. salesperson

( )3. A. fun B. teach C. go D. watch

( )4. A. rain B. cloud C. vapour D. stream

( )5. A. traffic B. car C. bike D. bus


1. actor (对应词)________________ 2. go (第三人称单数形式)__________________

3. dive(ing形式)________________ 4. 电影院(汉译英)_____________________

5. 跳水(汉译英)________________


( )1. Do you like ____________?

A. make kites B. make kites C. making kites

( )2. ____________ at a yellow light.

A. Stop B. Wait C. Go

( )3. -- How does he go to school?

-- __________________.

A. On foot B. On feet C. By foot

( )4. My uncle is ________ accountant. He works in ______ air-conditioner company.

A. an, a B. an, an C. a, an

( )5. -- Does your mother wash clothes?

-- _______________

A. Yes, she doesn’t. B. Yes, he does. C. No, she doesn’t.

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( )6. _________ he ________ you English?

A. Do, teach B. Does, teaches C. Does, teach

( )7. ________, where is the bus stop?

A. Sorry B. Excuse me C. Hello

( )8. They live on _________ floor.

A. twelve B. the twelve C. the twelfth

( )9. Her father works in a factory. He is an ___________.

A. engineer B. writer C. policeman

( )10. The museum is next _______ the school.

A. in B. to C. on


1. How do you go to school? A. It comes from the vapour.

2. Where is the shoe store? B. It’s next to the hospital.

3. What are you going to buy? C. By bike.

4. What does your mother do? D. I am going to buy a book.

5. Where does the cloud come from? E. She is a singer.


Jack is my friend. He _______ from Australia. He ________ to school on foot. He ________ like sports. He likes _______ story-books. On Sundays he and I _______ to a bookstore. We often ______ the No.6 bus there. The bookstore is _______ to a bus stop. His father is _______ accountant. He works in a bank. John is ________ to Hong Kong _______ his father this Saturday.


1. do, then, What, should, you (?)


2. clouds, The, from, rain, comes, the (.)


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3. hobby, What, your, is (?)


4. likes, Chenjie, stamps, collecting (.)


5. Zhongshan Park, to, How, I, can, get (?)



( ) It’s easy. First, dig the soil and put the seeds in the soil.

( 1 ) I’m going to plant corn.

( ) What should you do then?

( ) Great! I like corn. Oh, I can hardly wait.

( ) Water it. in several days, you can see the sprout.

( ) Really? How do you do that?


I have a pen pal. Her name is Lily. She lives in New Zealand. It’s next to Australia. She is a quiet girl. She likes playing the violin and drawing comic pictures. She wants to be an artist in the future. She goes to school on foot. She has a brother. His name is Tony. He is only five. He likes riding his small bike in the garden. Her father is a baseball player. Her mother is an accountant. She works in a bank. They both go to work by car. They are very happy.

( ) 1. Where does Lily live?

A. England B. Australia C. New Zealand

( ) 2. What’s Lily’s hobby?

A. She likes playing the violin and drawing comic pictures.

B. She likes riding his small bike in the garden and playing with his toy cars.

C. She like drawing comic pictures and riding a bike.

( ) 3. What does her father do?

A. He’s a baseball player. B. He’s a football player.

C. He’s a policeman.

( ) 4. Does Tony like riding his small bike in the garden?

A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t. C. Yes, she does.

( ) 5. What does Lily want to be in the future?

A. An actress. B. An artist C. A singer

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