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what's your favourite foodB3

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Unit 3 What’s your Favourite Food?
Part B Read and write

I like …/I don’t like ...It’s (They’re) …


What’s your favourite fruit ?
I like . It’s/They’re .

peaches oranges watermelons strawberries bananas grapes


tasty sour healthy salty juicy sweet yummy

I like __ juice. It is healthy.
carrot juice

Read and write
What’s Monkey’s / Rabbit’s / Zip’s / Zoom’s favourite food?

What’s Monkey’s / Rabbit’s / Zip’s / Zoom’s favourite food?

Monkey likes apples.

Monkey: apples Rabbit: bananas Zip: carrot juice




Listen and follow

Rabbit: I like fruit. But I don’t like grapes. They’re sour. Bananas are my favourite. They’re tasty. Zip: I like carrot juice, it’s fresh and healthy. Zoom: I like beef, but I’m heavy now. I have to eat vegetables.

1. Monkey likes apples. They’re sweet.

2. What does Rabbit like? Rabbit likes bananas.
3. Zip likes carrot juice. It’s fresh and healthy.

Hello. My name is . My favourite vegetables are They’re . My favourite fruit is . They’re . My favourite food is . It’s . What about you?


Read and write
What’s your favourite fruit?

I like apples. They’re sweet.
I don’t like grapes. They’re sour.

Let’s check

Read the story and tick or cross
Baby: Mom, I’m hungry! Mother: What would you like for dinner? Baby: I’d like some cakes. Mother: Here are some cakes. Would you like some cupcakes? They’re sweet. Baby: No, I don’t. I don’t like cupcakes. Mother: What’s your favourite cake? Baby: (Climbs up the tree and points at the moon in the river) I like that cake! Mother: Oh, dear!

Read and tick or cross
(1)The baby monkey would like some cakes for dinner. ( )

(2) The baby monkey likes cupcakes. (3) The cupcakes are sweet. (


) ×


(4) Cupcakes are the mother monkey’s favourite food. ( )


(5) The baby monkey wants to eat the moon. (


1.听音跟读P33,5遍,熟读。 2.抄写P33对话中的句子2遍,1遍中文。 3. 准备听写P31的6个单词和P33的句子。

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