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1.father mother brother sister grandmother grandfather son daughter have=has

than younger older Taller live in years old

2.uncle aunt husband wife cousin

3.hair short long straight eye glasses colour black curly blond blue red green brown white gray wear look like look different friend

4.businessman drives doctor teacher clerk waitress nurse police officer cashier carpenter walk By bicycle in a store By bus bus driver in a school

5.to play checkers go for a walk in the evening Read the newspaper on the computer skipping rope

Read book watch TV eat noodles play with my dolls Work on like to

6.have fun together the movie theatre have supper buy clothes watch the animals play badminton fly kite go to the zoo go to the gym play a game

7.(1)How old are (is) you(名字)?He/She is 数字years old.

(2)What do they look like?他们长得怎么样?

(3)What do they work?他们干什么工作?

(4)What do they like to do?他们喜欢做什么?

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