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四年级英语上 What would you like ?

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W ha t w ould you like ?

Let me show you!


Do you like these food?
They are yummy!


Let's go to have a big meal! Are you ready?




soup fish

Let's make a chant.

Rice, rice, I have rice!
Noodles, noodles, I have noodles!

Fish, fish, I have fish!
Soup, soup, I have soup!

Can I have some rice and soup? Sure, here you are.

Thank you. Yummy, yummy.


Do with your partner. A: Can I have some ____? B: Sure, here you are.

A: Thank you. Yummy, yummy.


Let's go to the Western Restautant together!




hot dog

It's chant time.
Bread, bread, I love you!

_____, _____, I love you!


Let's chant.
Bread, bread, I love you!

Humburger, humburger, I love you!
Hot dog, hot dog, I love you! Beef, beef, I love you!

Do you want to drink?




Do you know?

a glass of __?__ a glass of water a glass of milk
a glass of juice

Chant, chant!
Water, water, so good, so yummy.

__, __, so good, so yummy.

What would you like for breakfast

I'd like some bread and milk.

Wow, yummy. Let's go.

A: What would you like for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner? B: I'd like some___ and___. A: Wow, yummy. Let's go.

So much for today!

Thank You!

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