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1. 2 . 3 .

——————— ——————— ——————— 4. 5. 6.

_______ _________ _______ 二、找出不同类的词。(10分)

( )1. A. China B. England C. English ( )2. A. foot B. bus C. bike ( )3. A. we B. they C. there ( )4. A. cinema B. class C. museum ( )5. A. buy B. to C. get


( ) 1、——Where is the cinema?

——It’s next ________ the hospital.

A. on B. to C. in ( ) 2、Turn right ________ the bookstore. A. on B. at C. to ( ) 3、——Where is the post office?

——It’s west ________ the science museum. A. of B. at C. to

( ) 4、What are you going to do on the weekend? . A. I’m going by train. B. It’s next to the shoe store. C. I’m going to read a magazine.

( ) 5、—— ________ are you going? —— This evening. A. Where B. When C. What ( ) 6、It’s not far _______here.

A. to B. at C. from

( ) 7.Walk straight _____ three minutes.

A. at B. and C. for

( ) 8. _____ Sunday, I’m going to the zoo ____ subway. A. On, on B. On, by C. In, at ( ) 9. Her father is _______ TV tonight.

A. watching B. going to watch C. go to watch

( ) 10._____can I get to pet school? A. How B. what C.Where


1. Is there a fruit stand near here?(做否定回答) ____________


(对画线部分提问) __________________?

3. Are you going to the bookstore on foot?(做肯定回答) ____________.

4. I’m going to th(对画线部分提问) ________________?

5、are Where this you going afternoon (?)(连词成句) __________________________________________ 6、How you do there go (?)(连词成句) __________________________________________ 7、at light Stop red a (.)(连词成句) __________________________________________

五、根据上下文,选择正确的句子,把序号填在横线上。(10分) A:

B: I usually read books in Xinhua Library. A: Oh, really!

B:Yes. It’s behind the People’s Park. You can go on foot. A:

B: Sure, if you like. But you must remember the traffic rules. A: Of course. B: That’s a good idea!

A: At 3:00 o’clock tomorrow afternoon, OK? B: OK. See you then.

六、按照语意排列句子。(10分) ( )Then take the No.17 bus.

( )Find the white building on the right. ( )Look for me near the door. ( )Get off at the post office.

( )Start from the bus stop near our school.


Today is Friday. I’m going to the supermarket this afternoon. I’m going to buy some foodand a comic book. Tomorrow morning I ’m going to Guangzhou for a trip. I’m going there by

train. I’m going to read my new comic book on the train. The day after tomorrow I’m going to Kunming by plane from Guangzhou. In Kunming , I’m going to see folk danc

es and eat snack.

I’ll be very happy this holiday.

( ) 1. I’m going to take a trip next Friday.

( ) 2 I’m going to buy some food and a comic book tomorrow. ( ) 3. I’m going to Guangzhou by train this morning. ( ) 4. I’m going to Kunming by plane.

( ) 5. I’m going to see modern dances in Kunming.

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