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班级 姓名 得分

Let’s listen.


一、 听录音,选出你所听到的内容。(8分)

( B )1. A. train B. straight C. eight D. wait ( C )2. A. stop B. shop C. ship D. sheep ( A )3. A. plane B. plate C. late D. gate ( C )4. A. find B. fine C. five D. forget ( C )5. A. England B. English C. however D. every

( A )6. A. same B. sorry C. always D. right

( B )7. A. right B. must C. know D. library

( B )8. A. mean B. subway C. traffic D. office

二、 听录音,将下列句子排序。(6分)

( 2 )How can I get to the zoo?

( 4 )I go to school by bike.

( 1 )Come to my home by bike.

( 6 )You must know the traffic rules.

( 3 )Do you know the traffic rules?

( 5 )What are you going to do this Monday?


Do you have a pair of shoes?

( )1. A.Yes, I have B. Yes, I’m OK. How do you go to school?

( )2. A. By bus B. Yes, I do. Where is the hospital?

( )3. A.Yes, it is B. Over there.

Are you going to swim tomorrow?

( )4. A. I am going to swim B.Yes, I am. Does he go to school by bus?

( )5. A. Yes, I do B.Yes, he does. Where is the post office? ( )6. A. Next to the hospital. B. Next to the post office. How can I get to the museun?

( )7. A. Go straight. B.In front of the school. When is your birthday?

( )8. A. Today is my birthday. B. Amy’s birthday

Mr. Black goes to Shanghai by ship. Liu Yun goes to school on foot.

Wu Yifan goes to the bookstore by subway. Sarah goes to the science museum by bike.

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