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五年级英语 上册Recycle 2第三课时

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Let’s chant Pair work Let’s play

河北省石家庄市藁城市九门学区中心校 鲍军强


Free talk

Where is the
trash bin? It’s behind the door.

Made by Bao Junqiang

Pair work

Is there a trash bin in your picture?

Yes, there is.
Where is it?

It’s in the kitchen. It’s under the table.

Show me your hands.

Put your hands on the desk.
Put your hands in the desk. Put your hands under the desk. Put your hands in front of the desk.

Put your hands over the desk.

in the river end table

The end table is in the river.

Talk about my village

Made by Bao Junqiang

This is my village. Is it pretty?

Look at the picture carefully. How many fish can you catch?

Made by Bao Junqiang

节 日 荟 萃

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