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( )1. A. jump B. head C. run ( )2. A. waiter B. doctor C. mother ( )3. A. twenty B. pond C. aviary ( )4. A. circle B. milk C. Coffee ( )5. A. root B. butterfly C. stalk


( )1. –Can you swim? -Yes,_________.

A. I can B. I can’t C. I am ( )2. –How many ropes? -___________.

A. There are fourteen ropes. B. They are ropes. C. There are twelve hoops. ( )3.-________does she do?

- She is a nurse.

A. Where. B. What C. How

( )4.- Is this your ruler, Eric?

- Yes,___________.

A. it isn’t my ruler B. it’s my ruler ( )5. –What do hens like? -__________.

A. They like hay. B. They like corn ( )6. He__________ a dog.

A. have B. has ( )7. -___________ car is that?

- That’s Ben’s car.

A. Whose B. What ( )8. Ben is tired. He is on ___________bed.

A. his B. her ( )9. I like ___________ bicycle. It has a bell.

A. Eddie B. he ( )10. – A large packet of __________, please.

- Here you are.

A. crisp B. crisps

C. it’s a ruler

C. They like grass C. are C. Where

C. Ben C. Eddie’s C. water



A栏 B栏

( )1. Is it a plant? A. They are in the pond

( )2.Where are the ducks? B. Yes.

( )3.Are you full, Ben? C. No, I’m not full.

( )4. How old is your brother? D. I’ve got some bread.

( )5. What have you got? E. He’s thirteen.



2. 3.




Alice Wang is our new classmate. We can call her Alice. Alice is a tall girl. She has a round face and long black hair. She can swim and sing. She can paint very well, too. She has got a nice doll. Its hair is long and brown. Its name is Beauty. Alice and I are good friends.

( ) 1. Alice is our new classmate.

( ) 2. Alice is a short girl.

( ) 3. She can cook, sing and paint.

( ) 4. Alice has got a nice doll.

( ) 5. Alice’s doll’s name is Beautu.


Alan is eleven. He is ________. He has _________ ________. He has a _________. He can __________.

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