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五年级英语 上册Recycle 1第一课时

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Recycle 1


吉林省长春市东北师大附属小学 王 晶

Willow School



Today is Tuesday.We have Chinese, math, computer, English, science and music on Tuesdays. I like Tuesdays.

We have salad, hamburgers, tomatoes and bananas on Wednesdays. I like tomatoes. They're tasty and healthy.

Read and write
David: Can I interview you for the school newspaper? Miss Green: Yes, certainly. David: What do you do on Saturdays and Sundays? Miss Green: I often read books and watch TV. David: What’s your favourite food? Miss Green: I like green beans. They’re tasty and healthy. David: Thank you, Miss Green. Miss Green: You’re welcome.

Our new English teacher is Miss Green. She’s strict but kind. Green beans are her __________ tasty favourite food, because they’re ____ and healthy ______. On Saturdays and Sundays she books often reads _______ and watches TV _________.

(1) Listen to ”Read and write”. (2) Interview your parents about their favourite food.

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