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Unit7 After school 2

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Unit 7 After school
侍岭中心小学 王桂珍



Is he ...?
Yes ,he is.

playing basketball

Is she watching TV?

No, she isn’t. She’s reading.
Is he reading?

No, he isn’t. He’s sleeping. Are you sleeping? No, we aren’t. We’re having an English lesson.

Are they cleaning the classroom?

Yes,they are. I’ll go and join them.我将去加入他们.
I’II= I will

join 加入

What about Miss Li’s students?

What are they doing after school?

Are they…ing?

1.What time is it now? 2.What is GaoShan doing?

Answer the questions:
1.-What time is it? -It is three o’clock in the afternoon. Classes are over (放学了.=School is over.) 2.-What is GaoShan doing? -He is looking for WangBing. look for ( 寻找) find (找到)

Answer the questions:
1. -Where is WangBing? -Perhaps (可能)he and Mike are in the playground. 2.-What is he doing now? Is he helping MissLi in the office? -No,he isn’t. He and Mike are playing basketball.

1.-Where is GaoShan going? -He is going to the playground. 2.-Where are SuHai and SuYang? -They are in the library. 3.-What are they doing now? Are they studying in the library? -No,they aren’t. They are cleaning the library.

Judge the sentences:
1.GaoShan is looking for WangBing. (T ) 2.GaoShan and Mike are playing football in the playground. (F) 4.Helen is going to the playground,too. (F ) 5.SuHai and SuYang are in the library. (T) 6.SuHai and SuYang are studying in the library. (F )

Fill in the blanks:
Classes are over .GaoShan is ooking or l_______f____WangBing.WangBing and Mike are playing b_________in ____ asketball the playground.GaoShan will go and oing j_____them.Helen is g______ to the oin re _______.SuHai and SuYang a___ library leaning c_______the library .GaoShan will go there with Helen at last(最后).

1.Listen to the text and follow it twice.
2.Read the text and recite it.

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