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六年级上Module1-Module3测试 姓名______ 分数______

一、英汉词组连线。(10分) 二、用单词的适当形式填空。(10分)

1.in the south A.发邮件 1.These__________(明信片) are great.

2.a lot B.在南部 2.It’s about eight thousand__________(公里).

3.a map of C.骑自行车3.It has got about fourteen_______(百万)people.

4.send an email D.西湖 4.I’m________(发送)an email to my family.

5.the West Lake E.来自 5.There are lots of____________(饭馆) there.

6.ride bikes F.收集洋娃娃6.Have you got any_________(邮票)from China?

7.be from G.一张...地图7._________________(收集邮票)is my hobby.

8.collect dolls H.太多 8.Now you can have ________(另一个)letter.

9.fly kites I.许多 9.I have got_________(许多) dolls.

10.lots of J.放风筝 10.They are famous men and_________(女人).


1.He likes__. A.read books B.reads books C.reading books

2.__postcard is from my aunt. A.This B.Those C.These

3.Do you have__stamps? A.some B.any C.a

4.__she got a letter from China? A.Have B.Has C.Does

5.There is a__in the room. A.man B.men C.mans

6.__stamps are from America. A.This B.There C.These

7.I’ve__many dolls. A.get B.got C.gets

8.Let__go to the park now. A.is B.has C.us

9.__there a dog in the garden? A.Is B.Does C.Are

10.There are__chairs in the room. A.lot of B. lots of C.a lot

11.__a big map of China! A.What B.How C.Where

12.__big the map of America is! A.What B.How C.Where

13.Sanya is in the__of China. A.east B.west C.south D.north

14.Tell him more about__Great Wall. A.a B./ C.the

15.It is six thousand__seven hundred metres. A./ B.and C.-

16.You do__China. A.love B.loves C.loved

17.Sam is sending__email to his friend. A.a B.an C.the

18.__is her hobby. A.Read B.Reads C.Reading

19.Beijing__got about eight million people. A.is B.has C.have

20.That stamp__great. A.do B.is C.are


1.How long is it? A.Yes, they are.

2.How big is Beijing? B. Yes, I am.

3.Where is Shanghai? C.It’s about seven hundred kilometres..

4.These postcards are great. D.It’s got about eight million people.

5.What’s your father? E.It’s in the east of China.

6.What are you doing? F.He is a policeman.

7.Do you want to go to Chinatown? G.I’m sending an email to my friend.

8.Are you a doctor? H.Yes, I do.

9.Let’s go to Chinatown now. I.Yes, there is.

10.Is there a letter for me? J.We can’t go now. It’s nine o’clock.

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