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Unit 3

What’s Your Favourite Food?
Lesson 6

Let’s chant

I like ______. _____ is / are my favourite.

*填空。 What’s y_ _ _ f_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ f _ u _ _? our avour it e r_ it

your, is, what, fruit, favourite? What’s your favourite fruit? ————————————————

I like / don’t like ______. They are ______.

I are heavy now. You You am ______. I like ______. Because it’s / have to eat vegetables. they’re ______.

1. I am heavy now.

You have to eat vegetables.
2. It’s snowy here.

I have to put on my sweater / ….
3. It’s 11 o’clock. It’s late (迟的). I have to sleep. 4. I am all wet(湿的). You have to take a shower.

Read and write
Zip: What’s your favourit fruit, Monkey? Monkey: I like apples. They’re sweet.

Rabbit: I like fruit. But I don’t like grapes.
They are sour. Bananas are my favourite.

They’re tasty.
Zip: I like carrot juice. It’s fresh and healthy. What about you, Zoom? Zoom: I like beef, but I’m heavy now. I have to eat vegetables.

Pronunciation snow window yellow blow grow know row low how now now brown town down cow wow goat coat boat load road soap floor flag fly flower flow fruit frog from fridge fresh


1.听课本第33,35页课文录音并跟读。 2.抄写四会句子各四遍,要求边抄边记。 3.记熟四个字母组合的发音规则,并能朗 读例词和四句绕口令。

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