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六年级英语Unit1—3综合检测题 姓名_________ 分数__________ 听力部分(30分)


( ) 1. A.cinema B.see C.side ( ) 2. A.right B.left C. drive ( ) 3.A. This morning B. tomorrow C.tonight ( ) 4.A.a pair of B. get off C. Pet shop ( ) 5.A. Buy B. else C.busy 二、根据所听到的句子,选出正确的答语(10")

( )1.A.Yes,I can B.Yes,I can't C No,I can

( )2.A.they are yellow B. It's green C It's 50yuan.

( )3.A.She goes to school on foot B.she goes to the cinema on bus C. She goes to the hospital by bike.

( )4.A.It's summer B. It's Monday C.It's sunny ( )5.A.I ' m going to clean my room . B. I'm going at 3 O'clock. C. I'm going by bus .

三、根据所听到的内容填单词,补全句子。(10") ( )1. Where is the ____________?

( )2. How can I ___________ the hospital? ( )3.Go __________ for 3 minutes. ( )4.I want to _____ a pair of shoes. ( )5._______ at the yellow light.




1.B 2.D 3.e 4.F 5.g 6.i 7.J 8.K 9.q 10.y

二. 找出画线部分发音不同的一项。(5分) ( )1.A.this B.that C.thin

( )2.A.path B.May C.father ( )3.A.bus B.must C. use ( )4.A. English B.get C.seven ( )5.A. buy B.why C.yellow 三.选择填空。(15分)

( )1. I am going to the park _____this weekend. A./ B. to C.in ( )2. I usually go to the library ____ Friday. A. On B.at C.in ( )3. I live _____ the park,so I go to the park by bus, then by subway. A.far B.far from C.far from

( )4. I come to China by plane,because it's ______ . A.cheap B. far C. fast ( )5.In china, drives drive on the _____ side of the road. A.left B. right C. stright ( )6. My classroom is on the ____ floor. A.third B.three C.five ( )7. I usually go to Australia ________.

A.by subway B. on foot C.by plane

( )8. Chenjie doesn't like apples, she ______ eats them. A.sometimes B.never C. usually

( )9. The red light _____ you must stop. A.means B. has C. sounds ( )10. Shanghai is in the _____ of china. A.north B.east C. south ( )11.Get off ____ the bookstore, then turn left. A.at B. In C.on

( )12. My father and I _____ going to the cinema. A.is B.am C.are

( )13._____ are you going with ? —My aunt. A.How B. What C.who ( )14. Sarah ______ Chinese food very much. A.likes B.to like C.like ( ) 15.Thank you all for ______. A.come B. Coming C. Comes


1.___________(有时候) I go to school by subway. 2.It's next to the _________(书店)

3.My father likes reading ___________(报纸) 4.Remember the _________________(交通规则)

5.We are going to the cinema ________________(今晚)


1.friends I weekend my going visit am to this (.)

2.cinema is a near here there (?)

3.buy going what you to are (?)


turn the left park (.) 5.there when going you are (?)


( ) It’s near our school.

( ) Great! How can we get there? ( 1 ) Jim, let’s go to the park this afternoon. ( ) We go to the park by bus. ( ) OK. But, where is the bus stop? ( ) OK. See you at 2 o’clock.


Hi, I am Susan. I am from the UK. But now I'm studying in china. I'm going to do many things

in the winter holiday. First, I'm going to do my homework. Then I’m going to take a trip. I'm going to beijing, which is the capital of china. It's snowy in beijing. There is snow

everywhere. So I'm going to make a snowman. I can skate. My parents will come to china and go with me. we are going to fly there. we are going to have a nice trip.

( )1. Susan is from_________. A. China B. England ( )2. Now Susan is in_________. A. China B. England ( )3. Beijing is the capital of _________. A. China B. UK

( )4. Susan is going to ________ in beijing. A. skate B. play with snow. ( )5. They are going to go to beijing__________. A. by plane B. by train

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