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Module 9 Unit1 A visit to the UN.

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Module 9 Unit 1 A visit to the UN.

I Warm-up


II Presentation

1 Review the flags (China England America Canada Mexico) You did a good job. I like you very much. I’ll give you some prizes. Show the little flags. Do you like it? Do you want to get it? Teach the Ss Yes, I do. No, I don’t.(板书)

(1) show the flag of China

S: China .

T: Great. And we also call it the People’s Republic of China. (奖励小旗子给答对的孩子)

(2) show the flag of England

S: England

T: Do you want to go to England?(板书)

S:Yes, I do.

T (奖励小旗子给答对的孩子)

(3) show the flag of America Canada Mexico one by one

(4) show the flag of UN

T: This is the flag of UN. Do you want to go to the UN?

S: Yes, I do.

T: Great. Daming and Simon have a visit to the UN. Let’s go with them.

(5) Today we’ll learn Module 9 Unit 1 A visit to the UN.

III Text learning

1 Open the book, and look at the first picture carefully. Who are they? They are Daming, Simon and Simon’s father. Look. This is the UN building.(教读) There are many flags. There are flags from all over the world. (教读 all over)

2 General listening

look the 2nd picture. Oh, What’s this? Guess. Let’s listen and find the answer.(General listening )

3 Detail listening

(1) Do Daming and Simon want to visit the UN building?

A Yes, he does. B Yes, they do. C No, he doesn’t. D No, they don’t.

(2) How many countries are the flags from?

A They are from 91 counties.

B They are from 191 counties.

C They are from 119 counties.

(3) Do they want to go inside?(教读) A Yes, they do. B No, they don’t.

教读inside show a box outside inside

在盒子里装一些小东西(糖果 橡皮 。。。) Do you want to eat it? Yes, I do. No, I don’t.

(4) What’s the present from China?

A It’s a car. B It’s a plane. C It’s a train.

4 Read after the tape.

IV Practice

1 Read by Ss themselves and underline “want to”

2 Check. Ask Ss to read the sentences they found. 老师板书

3 From these sentences. We know WANT TO DO(动词原形)

4 Practice I want to ……(T show many picture watch TV football swim …)

5 Do a text

(1) I want to A play B playing C played

(2) Do you want to the Great wall.

A visited B visit C visiting

(3) Daming wants to A swimming B swam C swim play

6 Read the passage again, find the answer.

T or F

( ) (1) The UN building is in the New York.(第一题老师带着做,教方法)

( ) (2) The 191 countries want to bring peace to the world.

( ) (3) Daming and Simon don’t want to go inside.

( ) (4) Daming like the present.

V Summary and homework

What did we learn today?

The homework is read the passage.

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