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小学英语演讲稿I have a dream

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I have a dream

Good afternoon dear teachers. My name is Wang Yutiao. I’m from Class 1 Grade 6. Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King made a speech “I have a dream” in America. Today I’m going to make a speech, too. I have a dream.

I like reading books. Book is my best friend. After school, I always read books first. My mom says,” Do homework first, then read books.” But I don’t do as she says. When I do homework, I think about the funny stories in the books. So I take out the book stealthily and read it. I read books anywhere, anytime. When I take a trip, I have a book with me and read it on the train. When I visit grandparents, I have a book with me. I read books after class. I read books after dinner. I read books before sleep.

I like reading very much. So I want to open a book bar. Let more people love reading and learn more from the books.

My book bar will welcome whoever loves reading. No matter rich or poor. No matter adults or children. If he loves reading, he can come to my book bar. Of course there will be all kinds of books in my book bar. Comic books, story books, history books, science books , and so on. I think if there are many good books in my book bar, people will like to come to my bar, and enjoy themselves.

Besides books, there will be many other things in my book bar, too.

Such as sofa, bench, swing, rocking-chair… What’s more, there will be many kinds of delicious food and drinks. Therefore, readers can stay in my bar for a whole day. They can read more and learn more. And also they can make friends through reading in my bar.

I always imagine such a picture. On a sunny afternoon, I sit on the swing leisurely with a book in my hand. Sometimes I can drink a cup of milk tea. If I feel tired, I can have a rest, and look at the scenery out of the window. The sky is blue. The grass is green. On the grass, there are some children reading books. Some are sitting, some are standing, some are squatting…. The books are borrowed from my book bar. What a beautiful picture!

I have a dream. I can have my own book bar. If I work hard with my own hands, I’m sure my dream will come true.

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