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一、 单词大比拼,根据汉语提示写出正确的英语单词(20分)

___(礼物) (女人们) ____(画) (胶卷) ____(底部) (顶部) ____(拐角) (电脑) :号(电子邮件) (信封) 学 (左边) (右边) ____(信) (邮票) __(发送) (受伤的) ______(照相机) _____(帮助) ____(婴儿) (睡觉) _:名二、按要求选出单词(10分)

姓 big man quietly easy shopping __children sunny arriving right loud

____1. men(单数) _________ 2. small(反义词)_________ ____3.left(对应词)_________ 4. quiet(副词) _________ ____5. sun(形容词) _________ 6. loudly(形容词 _________ __:7.shop(现在分词)_________ 8. child(复数) _________ 级班9. arrive(现在分词)_________ 10. hard(反义词)_________ 三、你能找出他的朋友吗?选择正确的过去式并写在相应的词后面(10分) ____ ate went had did broke ____walked talked shopped saw played

___1. eat_________ 2.go_________ 3. have _________

____4. do_________ 5. break_________ 6.walk_________ _:校学7.talk________ 8.shop_________ 9. see _________


四、词汇大比拼,将下列汉语填写到相应英语词组的后面(10分) 放风筝 到达北京 在邮局 拍照 一杯茶 散步 指向 在火车站 信封的顶部 当心 1. arrive in Beijing_________ 2.at the train station_________ 3.take a picture _________ 4.at the post office_________ 5.point to _________ 6.a cup of tea _________ 7. fly a kite _________ 8.go out for a walk_________ 9. the top of the enevlope _________10.Be careful _________ 五、火眼金心,选择最佳答案,将序号填入前面的括号里(20分)

( ) 1.May I_________your picture? A. taking B. take C. quick ( ) 2. I’m _________film in my camera. A. put B. putting C. put ( )3. We saw people_________kites. A. flying B. on C. at ( )4. It is too_________. A. hard B. some C. / ( )5. Would you like some noodles? _________ .

A. Yes, good. B. No, please C. Yes ,please.

( )6. Where do you _________ the stamp? A. on B. put C. do ( ) 7. Yesterday Jenny _________home from Beijing. A. go B. went C. goes

( )8. I _________a friend in Canada. A. have B. has C. quick ( )9.You send an e-mail on a _________. A. computer B.paper C. letter ( )10.You write a letter on_________. A. letter B. lot C. paper ( )11. Jenny is_________out the window of the train.

A. look B. looking C. looks ( )12. What_________ you doing? A.am B. are C. is

( )13. This is _________envelope. A.an B. a C. the ( )14. Would you like_________tea? A.some B. any C. / a ( )15.You can send _________e-mail on a computer.

A.a B.the C. an ( )16. The woman is_________the newspaper.

A read B. reading C. reads

( )17. Everyone_________tired and hungry. A.am B. is C. are ( )18. The children walk_________ . A. slowly B. slow C. quick ( )19. There_________ many people on Tian’anmen Square.

A.are B. is C. am

( )20. Mrs.Li arrive in Beijing_________2:00.

A. on B. in C. at ( )

六、做个小翻译家,选择句子的正确汉语意思将序号填在前面的括号里(10分) ( )1.Would you like some tea? A. 您想喝点什么 ? ( )2.What would you like to drink? B.您想喝点茶吗? ( )3.May I send my friend an e-mail? C.你旅途愉快吗?

( )4What did you do yesterday? D.我可以给我的朋友发个电子邮件吗? ( )5.How much for a ticket? E.昨天你做什么? ( )6.Did you have a nice trip? F.一张票多少钱? ( )7.Who is thirsty? G. 谁渴了?

( )8.I walked to the park yesterday. H. 昨天我步行去了公园。 ( )9.Do you know where the post office is? I. 你在哪儿写地址呢? ( )10.Where do you put the address? J.你知道邮局在哪儿?



( ) 1. Who is hungry? A. I’m singing a song. ( ) 2. How old is the Palace Museum? B. It’s 2:30 ( ) 3. Did you have a nice trip? C. Sure. ( )4. May I play with the ball? D. I’m hungry.

( ) 5.What are you doing? E. Five hundred years old.

( )6. Thank you F.I went to the park.

( )7.What time is it? G.Yes, I had a great trip. ( )8.Where did you go yesterday? H. You are welcome. ( )9. What happened? I.One yuan. ( )10.How much for this postcard? J . I broken my tail! 八、阅读下列对话并完成相应判断(10分) Mike: Where did you go on your holiday? Tom: I went to Guangzhou. Mike: How did you go there? Tom: I went by plane. Mike: What did you do?

Tom: I ate some good food,went swimming and bought many good things. 根据对话判断对错,对的划“√” 错的打“×”。 ( ) 1. Mike went to Guangzhou on his holiday. ( ) 2. Tom went to Guangzhou by plane. ( ) 3. Tom went to Shanghai on his holiday. ( ) 4. Tom bought many good things.

( ) 5. Tom ate some good food and go swimming.

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