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Book 6A Unit 4 I have a pen pal


一. 本单元主要是谈论某人的兴趣爱好。

二. 语法是动词的-ing形式和动词的第三人称单数形式。

三. 词汇: ride a bike (riding a bike) 骑自行车

dive (diving ) 跳水

hobby play the violin (playing the volin) 拉小提琴

(爱好) make kites (making kites ) 制作风筝

collect stamps (collecting stamps) 集邮

live (lives) 居住,住

teach (teaches) 教

go (goes) 去

三单 watch (watches) 看

read (reads) 读

do (does)

其他:show(展览) pen pal(笔友) dear (亲爱的) twin(双胞胎之一)

look (看上去) fun (快乐,乐趣) with(同?)


1. 询问某人的爱好:

----What’s your hobby? 你的爱好是什么?

----I like collecting stamps. 我喜欢集邮

2. 表示征求别人意见:

(1)----what about you ? 你呢? ----Me too. 我也是。

(2)--- Let’s go together. 让我们一起去吧。

(3)---- Can he go with us? ----- Sure!



表示经常或习惯性的动作或状态,常与everyday /norning /beening ,often, usually ,always 等状语连用。

如: We do morning exercises every day.

He usuallly goes to school by bike.

(2) 表示主语的特征或能力。

如: Our school is beautiful.


如: Miss white teaches English.

一般疑问句:Do/ Does +主语+ 动词原形+其他?

如: Does Miss White teach English?

肯否定回答:Yes,she does ./ No, she doesn’t .


1. - What’s your h________? I like singing.

2. Tell me a________ your pen pal.


3. - What do you like? I like c__________ stamps.

4. - There is a stamp show Sunday. Why not go and have a look?-OK, let’s go t________.

5. They’re twins, so they look the s_________.

6. Lucy’s father is a doctor, he works in a big h_________.

7. I’ll live with him f_______ now on.

8. I usually watch TV in the day, but Amy usually watches TV at n________.

9. - How does your mother go to work?- She always goes by s________.

10. Your sister is too young, you should take c_______ of her.


( ) 1. A. learn B. earth C. hear D. heard

( ) 2. A. which B. chair C. French D. school

( ) 3. A. nose B. love C. post D. goal

( ) 4. A. visitor B. word C. mirror D. color

( ) 5. A. go B. stop C. no D. home

三, 选择最佳答案。(20分)

( ) 1. How do you_____there ? A. goes B.get

( ) 2. His parents________ stamps , too .A. likes collecting B. like collecting

( ) 3. I _________an e-mail to Alice every week .A. write B. reads

( )4. Who ___________math ?A. teaching B. teaches

( ) 5. I like_________ kites .A. make B. making

( ) 6. This is my pen pal in ______.A. Canada B. English C. Australian D. Japanese

( ) 7. _______ he go to school by bus?A. Is B. Are C. Do D. Does

( ) 8. Tom ________ listening to music.A. likes B. like C. liking D. to like

( ) 9. I’m happy _______ a new pen pal.A. have B. to have C. has D. having

( ) 10. They’re twins, but they look ________.A. same B. the same C. different D. the different

( ) 11. The light is on, Tom must ______ at home.A. is B. am C. are D. be

( ) 12. I like playing _____ piano, but I don’t like playing ______ chess.

A. the, the B. the, / C. /, the D. /, /

( ) 13. Let’s go home after _______ basketball.

A. play B. plays C. playing D. to play


( ) 14. My mother is a _______, she teaches in No.1 Middle School.

A. doctor B. nurse C. teacher D. cleaner

( ) 15. I write an email ______ Alice every Sunday. A. for B. to C. at D. give

( ) 16. Do you know how _________ an envelope ?

A. address B. addresses C. addressing D. to address

( ) 17. Where ______ you work? A. do B. does C. are D. is

( ) 18. Mr. White teaches _______ English. We all love her.A. we B. us C. our D. ours

( ) 19. The woman is old, but she looks _______.A. old B. new C. young D. small

( ) 20. She is a girl. ______ name is Rose.A. Her B. Its C. His D. She's


1.My name ______ (be) Lily. I _____ (be) twelve years old and ____(study) in Yucai Middle School. Now let me _____(tell) you something about my class. There ____(be) 46 students in our class. Mrs. Wang is our English teacher. She _______ (teach) us very well and she _____ (like) ______ (play) games with us after class. So we all _____(love) her very much. Look! She ___________(make) a snowman with some students outside. How happy we are!


( ) 1. 当你想知道对方的爱好,应该怎么问:

A. What’s your hobby ? B. What do you do ?

( ) 2. 当你询问朋友他的妈妈是否教英语时,应该问:

A. Does your mother teach English ? B. Does your mother like English ?

( ) 3. 下午碰到熟人怎么打招呼: A. Bye . B. Good afternoon .

( ) 4. 当对方说谢谢的时候,你应该怎么回答:

A. No,thanks. B. You’re welcome .

( ) 5. 当你询问朋友是否喜欢集邮时,应该问:

A. Are you collecting stamps ? B. Do you like collecting stamps ?

六.按要求进行句型转换:(10分) (就划线部分提问) ______ your ______?

2. She lives in Australia.(改一般疑问句) _____ she ________ in Australia?

3. Ann goes to school on foot every day.(同义句)Ann _______ ________ ________ every day.


4. What about naming it Ben?(同义句) ______ _______ name it Ben? (就划线部分提问) ______ _______ Alice usually ______ on Saturday?



3.Sarah likes listening to music.(变成一般疑问句,并做出否定回答)

4.He likes collecting stamps.(变成否定句)

5.My father doesn’t like watching TV.(变成肯定句)


Peter is four years old. He is bright and lovely. His parents love him very much. His mother often feeds food to him and carries(带着)him in her arms. Peter is too spoiled(溺爱).

One Sunday, his father wants to take him to the park. Peter asks his father to carry him. His

father says,“ Peter, you have feet. You can walk yourself.” “But mum always holds me in her arms,” says Peter unhappily.“Why do you have feet?” his father asks.“When I am not happy, I kick(踢)my mother with them.”says Peter happily.

( ) 1. Peter is _______ years old.

A. two B. three C. four D. eight

( ) 2. Peter's _____often carries him in her arms.

A. teacher B. parents C. mother D. father

( )3. Peter’s _______wants to take him to the park.

A. teacher B. parents C. mother D. father

( ) 4. Does Peter have feel?

A. Yes, he has. B. No, he has. C. Yes, he hasn't D. No, he hasn't.

( ) 5. When Peter is not happy, he_______.

A. walks by himself B. kicks his mother with his feet

C. carries his mother in his arms D. asks his father to take him to the park


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