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一、找出划线部分发音不同于其他三个的单词的一项 。(5分) 1. ( ) A. please B. tea C. great D. east 2. ( ) A. apple B. fat C. take D. bag 3. ( ) A. must B. uncle C. busy D. bus 4. ( ) A. side B. library C. like D. hospital 5. ( ) A. what B. where C. who D. when 二、选出与其他三个不同类的单词。(7分)

( )1. A.east B. west C. ear D. north

( )2. A. museum B. post office C. music D. library ( )3. A. plane B. cinema C. bike D.subway

( )4. A .sometimes B. usually C. often D.go

( )5.A.green light B. yellow light C. red light D.traffic light

( ) 6.A. stop B. go C.wait D. light

( ) 7.A.morning B.afternoon C.week D.evening


( ) 1.— How do you go to Canada? — I go __________.

A. by the plane B. on the plane C. by plane D. on plane

( ) 2. __________, is there a cinema near here?

A. Excuse me B. Sorry C. Thank you D. Excuse

( ) 3.I am going to have a party this Sunday.

A. on B. in C. /

( )4. How can I the post office?

A. get to B. get off C. get on ( )5. There a Chinese book and two story books in the bag.

A. is B. am C. Are ( ) 6. Look at book. It’s English book.

A. the, the B. an, the C. the, an ( )7.--Where is your mother? -- She a cake in the kitchen.

A. bake B. is baking C. baking ( )8. He often buys some books plants.

A. about B. of C. at ( )9. I go to the supermarket my mother every Saturday. A. after B. with C. At

( )10. --What she like ? --She likes .

A. do, sing B. does, sing C. does, singing

( )11. The hospital is ____the left. A. for B. in C. On( )12.

Walk straight three minutes. A. at B. for C. in

( ) 13. Stop a red light. A. for B. on C. At

四、按要求写出所给词的正确形式。(5分) 1.dictionary (复数形式) 2.does not(缩略形式)


1.交通规则 2.turn left 3.漫画书

7.in front of the library 8.这个周末

9.看杂志 10.my twelfth birthday 六.读句子,拼单词。(10分)

1. You can see a film(电影) there. ________ (mciean)

2. We can get on or get off the bus there. (tpbsuso)

3. If you’re ill, you can go there. (opstailh)

4. There are many animals in it. (ozo)

5. I need some books. I’m going to the (bokosotre)


( )1.想邀请你的朋友参加你的12岁生日聚会,你说:

A.Come here and join us.

B.Please come to my twelfth birthday party.

C.Thank you for all coming.

( )2.当你想问电影院在哪里时,你怎样说?

A.How can I get to the cinema? B.It's very far

C.Where is the cinema?

( )3. 当你想问别人怎样到达图书馆时,你该怎样说?

A.How can I get to the library? B.Can I help you?

C.The library is near the hospital.

( )4 .当你想问别人明天想干什么时,你该怎样说?

A. What are you going to do tomorrow ?

B. Where are you going to do ?

C. I’m going to the bookstore.

八、对话配对。从Ⅱ栏中找出Ⅰ栏的相应答语。 (10分)

Ⅰ栏 Ⅱ栏

( ) 1.Where is the cinema,please? A. Thank you, Tom. ( ) 2. How can I get there? B. Sure, here you are.

( ) 3. Is it far from here? C. I’m going to the cinema.

( ) 4. Happy birthday, Kate! D. Because it’s cheap.

( ) 5. May I use your eraser? E.Yes, it is. ( ) 6. Is there a bus over there? F. Yes. Do you have any comic books?

( ) 7. What are you going to do ? G.You can take the No.1 bus.

( ) 8. Can I help you? H. Yes, I do. It is interesting (有趣的).

( ) 9. Why do you go home by bike? I. It’s next to the hospital.

( ) 10 Do you like English? J. No, there isn’t.

九、按要求改写句子,每空一词。(12分) 1. I go to school on foot. (对划线部分提问) you go to school ?

2. I am going to play the piano this weekend. (划线提问) are you going to this weekend ?

3. Jim is going to play football after school. (变否定句) Jim going to play football after school.

4. are three in country there lights every traffic (连词成句)

5. foot I to usually school go on (连词成句)

6.going Lily her visit grandparents is to (连词成句)

十一.阅读理解,判断下列各题。(对的写T,错的写F) 。(10分)

Tom: Excuse me, sir.Is there a bookstore near here?

Policeman: No, there isn’t. But there is a bookstore next to the post office.

Tom: Where is the post office, please?

Policeman: It’s west of the hospital.

Tom: Is it far from here?

Policeman: Yes.

Tom: How can I get there?

Policeman: First, take the No.16 bus at the bus stop. Get off at the hospital. Then, cross(穿过) the street. You’ll see the post office. Tom: Thank you.

Policeman: You’re welcome.

( ) 1. Tom asks a policeman for help.

( ) 2 .The post office is next to the bookstore.

( ) 3 .The post office is west of the hospital.

( ) 4 .Tom walks to the bookstore.

( ) 5 . There is a bookstore near the school. 九、小作文。(10分)

以我的周末计划(My plan for the weekend)为题写一篇短文。


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