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It's mine

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A: Whose …is this ?


B: It’s …’s skirt.

新学期第一届 “小天使”奖评选暨颁奖 仪式




A: Whose …is this ? B: It’s my cap . It’s mine .
It’s Lingling’s dress. It’s her dress . It’s hers .

It’s Daming’s sweater . It’s his sweater. It’s his.

It’s my book. = It’s mine. It’s your sweater.= It’s yours.

It’s her T-shirt.= It’s hers.
It’s his cap.= It’s his.

Sam: It’s mine ! Amy: It isn’t yours .It’s mine! Ms Smart: Don’t argue! What’s the matter? Amy : Sam took my T-shirt .He wants to wear it . Sam: But it isn’t hers .It’s mine . Amy: It isn’t his .It’s mine.

Ms Smart : Your red T-shirts are on the line.

I washed them for you. Look!
Sam: Did you wash Lingling’s T-shirt ? She didn’t wear it .

Ms Smart : No, I didn’t . Lingling’s T-shirt is clean .

听写单词: 穿 绳子 干净的 我的 你的 她的

谁的 麻烦事 争吵

1、 This is ____sweater . That is_____. hers mine her my your yours
2、 Did you wash Lingling’s T-shirt ? No,__ ___. A. I didn’t. B. I did . 3、Is it Lingling’s bag ? Yes, it’s __. A. her B. hers C. mine

4、 A: ______bag is this ? B: It’s Lingling’s bag . A. Who B. Whose C. What 5、A:_____ did you do at the weekend ?

B: We visited lots of places.
A. Who B. Whose C. What 6、A: _____did you go ? B: We went to the British Museum。 A. What B. Whose C. Where

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