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四年级英语上册集体备课 Unit5 What would you like?第四课时

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Unit 5 What would you like?

Part B Let’s learn. / Let’s do.

What would you like?

Dum-plings,dump-lings,noodles or rice.
Hamburg-ers,hot dogs would be nice . French fries,french fries,bread or pies.

Chicken or vege-tables would be nice.

knife ↗ knife ↘

Cut with the knife I eat beef

fork ↗ fork ↘
Pass me a fork

I eat beef

plate ↗ plate ↘ Wash the plates


Use the chopsticks
I eat noodles

spoon ↗ spoon ↘ Give me a spoon I eat soup

Help me

W: Can I help you? B: Yes. W: What would you like? B: I ‘d like some ______,please? W: Sure. Here you are. B: Please pass me a ____,_____,and____. W: Ok! B: Thank you! W: You’re welcome.

Thank you!


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