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年级:高一 成员:郭永慧 宫赟 张聪莉 姜屹群 执笔教师:姜屹群 学习课题:My New Teachers(Period Ⅳ) 日期:2013年9月10日


1. 学好并运用表达爱好的表达方式:would rather do···than do···等。

2. 了解一些日常英语的用法。

3. 了解不同国家的学校差异。


1. 重点掌握下列知识点的用法:would rather;would rather do···than do···

2. 重点掌握单词;consider; private; 短语:be true of与句式It’s up to you.


1. 了解一些日常英语的用法并运用。

2. 了解不同国家的学校差异。


【学习重点】重点掌握 would do···rather do···等表达方式


1.prefer···to… prefer sb to do sth

would prefer(not)to do sth

would prefer to do···rather than do···

would rather do···than do···

would prefer to do···rather than do···

would do···rather do···

2.It`s up to you.

be up to ;_________:_________.

3.consider+n/ving/wh. to do/that-clause/wh.clause

Consider sb./sth as

sb./ sth. (to be)…..sth/adj


it+ adj./n.+ to do sth

4..be true of

5.It 作形式主语常见句型.

It is +_____+从句

It is +______+从句

It is/was +_____+从句

It is +adj/n+(for/of)sb+_____ sth 【基础巩固】


1. Our__________(校长)seems to know all the answers.

2. She did some___________(复习)for the exam.

3. The book jumps from one__________(话题)to anther.

4. During the___________(假期)he worked on a farm.

5. Look at the railway___________(时间表)to find the schedule of the train.

6. There is r_________ between the moon and the tides.

7. I feel completely r___________ when I listen to music.

8. Have you ever been invited to attend any f_________ banquets?


A. 用所给单词适当形式填空。

1.I would rather clean the room than _________(stand)there doing nothing.

2.These peasants prefer __________(sell)the vegetables at half price rather than_____________(allow)them to go bad.

3.His brother is considering___________(study)abroad.

4.It’s no use__________(talk)with him.

5.We have no difficulty__________(find)his home.







译:She considered ___________________to talk while eating.


译:We can’t consider him _________________________.


译:Learning requires patience. This _____________working.


1.——What shall we do tonight then?(2012.全国高考Ⅱ)

——_________------Whatever you want.

A.Help yourself B.It’s a deal C.No problem D.It’s up to you.

2.No matter how bright a talker you are,there are times when it’s better ________silent.(2012.浙江高考)

A.remain B.be remaining C.having remained D.to remain

3.What are you doing out of bed,Tom?You are_____to be asleep(2011辽宁高考)

A supposed B known Cthought Dconsidered

4.No matter where he is,he makes _____--a rule to go for a walk beforefast.(2012陕西高考)

A him Bthis Cthat D it

5.It has been proved______eating vegetables in childhood helps to protect you against serious illness in later life.(2008上海高考)

A if B.because C.when D.that

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