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pep六年级UNIT3 第二课时教学课件

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Unit 3
What Are You Going to Do?

Lesson 2

后门镇中心小学 蔡柳英

Listen and answer

1. Where is she going? 2. How is she going there? 3. Who is she going with? 4. What is she going to buy?

What are you going to do on the weekend? I’m going to … on the weekend.

visit the Great Wall

climb mountains

fly kites

visit grandparents

go to the theme park

do homework

将下列单词连词成句(请正确使用标点符号)。 1. are, what, to, you, do, going, next, week What are you going to do next week? 2. read, I, this, a, going, am, to, magazine, afternoon I am going to read a magazine this afternoon.

连 连 看

My Weekend Plan
Time Morning Saturday Sunday


What are you going to do on your holiday? I’m going to … on my holiday.

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