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2013年秋最新人教版小学四年级英语Unit 4 B Let's learn教学课件

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What is it? It is a key.

Where is the key?

Is it under the bed? No, it isn’t. Is it on the bed? Yes, it is.

What are they? They are keys.

I lost my keys. Please help me find them.

Where are the keys?


Are they on the bed? No, they aren’t.

sofa Are they on the sofa? No, they aren’t. Is she on the sofa? Yes, she is.

Are they on the table? No, they aren’t.
Is he on the table? No, he isn’t.

Where is he ? He is under the table.

What’s on the table? It’s a phone.

Are they near the phone? No, they aren’t. Are the candies near the phone? Yes, they are.


Are they on the fridge?
No, they are.

Where are the keys? They are on the fridge.

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