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S1:When is your birthday? S2:It’s on …

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

January February Marth April May June July

August September October November December

Peter:Hi,Danny.Can you come to my birthday party? Danny:Sure.When is it? Peter:It’s on the 19th of September.It’s on Sunday. Danny:I see. What time does the party begin? Peter:It’s begins at two o’clock in the afternoon. Danny:OK. Peter:Can you bring or wear some orange things to the party?It’s an ‘orange’party. Orange is my favourite colour. Danny:An ‘orange’party?That sounds interesting.I can’t wait!

present(礼物) still(仍然) smart(美丽的) son(儿子) invit(邀请) invitation(请柬)

It is Sunday, the 19th of September. The children are at Peter’s birthday party. Children: Happy Birthday, Peter! Peter: Thank you! Welcome to my ‘orange’ party. What orange things do you have? Jill: I have an orange hat. Kitty: I have an orange trousers. Danny: I have an orange T-shirt. Peter: What do you have, Alice? Alice: I have an orange picture. It’s a picture of you! Peter: Thank you very much. Let’s have some fun!

January come first,February second. March third,March third. April comes fourth. May fifth. June sixth,June sixth. July comes seventh. August eighth September ninth,September ninth. October comes tenth. November eleventh. Ddcember twelfth.December twelfth.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

bean eat seat these least fifth leave

bin it sit this list fifteenth live

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