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一、 听录音,选择你听到的单词、短语或它们的汉语意思。(5☆)

( ) 1. A. younger B. stronger C. longer D. thinner

( ) 2. A.牙疼 B. 头疼 C. 喉咙疼 D. 感冒

( ) 3. A. skiing B. skating C. sick D. swimming

( ) 4. A. 生气的 B. 兴奋的 C.疲劳的 D. 无聊的

( ) 5. A. eat B. ate C. get D. feet


( ) 1.Sarah, Mike and Amy are cousins.

( ) 2.Mike took pictures on his holiday.

( ) 3.Sarah is 10 cm shorter than Mike.

( ) 4.Sarah likes climbing.

( ) 5.Amy is from America.

三、Listen and choose. 听问句,选择正确的答句。(10☆)

( )1. A. I’m 40kg. B. I’m 154cm. C. I’m 12.

( )2. A. She’s fine. B. He has a cold. C. He feels happy.

( )3. A. I cleaned the room. B. I clean the room. C. I am cleaning the room.

( )4. A. I’m going to Hong Kong. B. I’m going there by plane.

C. I’m going to buy a book.

( )5.A.I went to Hainan. B.I will go to Hainan. C. I want to go to Hainan .


1 . Amy is taller and _________ than Sarah .

2 . John is sick. His throat is __________ .

3 . Zhang Peng _______ English book at home last weekend.

4 . Did you ________ the room last weekend?

5 . He _______ ____________on his holiday. .

笔试部分 (70%)

五 选出读音不同的一项。(5☆)

( )1. A pain B baby C tail D banana

( )2. A coat B know C boat D look

( )3. A pear B hair C chair D ear

( )4. A work B actor C mirror D doctor

( )5. A minute B hungry C must D thus

六 、按要求改写下列单词:(5☆)

1 heavy________(比较级)

2. big_________(比较级)

3 have__________(第三人称单数)

4. bought________(原形)


七、Read and choose.(读一读,选择正确答案)(10☆) ( )1.---Sam is 160cm tall. Ted is 10cm shorter than him. ---How tall is Ted?

A. 150cm B. 160cm C. 170cm ( )2、My throat __________ sore, my nose __________.

A. is, hurt B. are, hurts C. is hurts

( )3.----_______did you go on your holiday?


A. What B. Where C. How

( )4. We _______ books last night.

A. read B. reads C . readed

( )5、Did you went swimming last weekend?

A Yes ,I didn’t B No ,I didn’t C No ,I did

八、根据句意,用单词的适当形式填空 :(10☆)

1. He is ________(young) and stronger than me .

2. I ________(buy ) presents on my holiday .

3. What _______ (do) you do last weekend ?

4. She ______ (see) the elephants last Monday .

5. Sarah ______(feel) sad, because she failed her math test.

九 . 连词成句(15☆)

1、you, much, am, than, I ,stronger。


2、 matter, with ,your ,what’s ,the ,sister?


3、 did, last, read, you, weekend, books


4、my, I, holiday, elephants, saw, on


5、the do you what on weekend do usually?



I have a good friend。 Her name is Lily .I am 158cm ,she is 160 cm tall She is ( ) than me . But she is only 13 years old, and I’m 14 years old . She is( )than me . She( ) collecting stamps . We often play together . last weekend, we( )hiking and( ) pictures .we had a good time .


Last weekend we had a birthday for our classmate Zhang Xiaohui. She is younger than me, but I am shorter than her. And she looks stronger. Of course she is heavier than me. We went to a shop to buy a present for Xiaohui. What did we buy? We bought a doll for her. Because she told me “ I haven’t got a lovely doll.” When she got our present she looked excited. She was very happy. We went to the zoo. We saw elephants. We wanted to row a boat in Daming park, but it was later, we had to go home. We had a good time on that day.

( )1. Xiaohui is taller than me.

( )2. I bought a doll for Xiaohui.

( )3. We went to a shop last month.

( )4. They had a good time on Xiaohui’s birthday.

( )5. We rowed a boat in the park.




1.thinner 2.have a cold 3. skiing4.excited5. ate


Sarah, Mike and Amy are cousins. Sarah and Mike come from America. Sarah is 150cm , 45 kg.She likes shopping.

Mike is 160cm ,50 kg.He likes making kites. Amy is from America, too. She is 145 cm and 38 kg.Amy likes

swimming. Last weekend, they went hiking together. They climbed a mountain, flew kites and took pictures on the


三、Listen and choose. 听问句,选择正确的答句。

1. How old are you ?

2. How does he feel? A. She’s fine.

3.What did you do last weenkend ?

4. How are you going there ?

5. Where are you going ?


1 . Amy is taller and thinner than Sarah .

2 . John is sick. His throat is sore

3 . Zhang Peng read English book at home last weekend.

4 . Did you cleaned the room last weekend?

5 . He visited his grandparesents his holiday. .




: D D A B B

二、根据你所听到的内容,判断下列句子的对错。对的在题前的括号内打“√”,错的打“×”。 )x k b1.c om

1. √ 2. √3. √4. ×5. √

三、Listen and choose. 听问句,选择正确的答句。

Keys: C C A B B


1、Thinner 2、Sore 3、Read 4、 cleaned

5、visited his grandparesents




1. D banana

2. D look

3. D ear

4. A work

5. A minute 、


1 heavier 2. bigger 3. has 4. buy 5. was

七、Read and choose.(读一读,选择正确答案)

1、C 2、C 3、C 4、A 5、B


:1、younger 2、bought 3、did 4、saw 5、 feet

九、Make sentences. 连词成句

1. I am much stronger than You。

2.What’s the matter with your sister?

3. Did you read books last weekend?

4. I saw elephants on my holiday .

5、What do you usually do on the weekend?

十 、用所给单词填空,把短文补充完整 Keys:



T 、 T 、F 、T 、F


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