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小学英语演讲稿my dream

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My dream—to be a singer

Good afternoon dear teachers. My name is Sun Lanxin. I’m from Class 4 Grade 6. Today I’m very happy to have a speech here. My topic is “My dream—to be a singer”.

Some people want to be writers. Some want to be teachers. Some want to be doctors. My dream is to be a singer in the future. I hope my songs will spread all over the country。 I hope everyone will enjoy my songs.

I like singing. When I was 6, my mom took me to Ningbo Children’s Center to learn singing . Miss Xu, a very kind woman, taught me vocal. “1,2,3,4…” I deeply fell in love with singing. In the next few years, I also learned many singing skills from Mr Li and Miss Hu. I learned many beautiful songs like Zhuo Ma, Cinderella’s Dream, and so on.

Then I started to join all kinds of singing contest. I sang better and better. And I won a lot of honors. And also I performed in many places. I performed to all the students at school on Children’s Day. I performed on Cixi TV. I performed in the Great Hall of the People in Cixi. I’m proud I can sing beautiful songs.

Singing songs makes me happy, makes me feel confident. And also it makes my school life colourful. Some of my classmates admire me. Under my influence,they began to love songs and learn singing , too. Sometimes we sang and danced happily together.

I hope I can be a singer in the future. I will sing for the patients. To make them forget their pains. I will sing for the old . To make them not feel lonely. I will sing for the children, for the heroes, for the poor, for many many people. I hope my songs will make people feel happy. I hope I can be a famous singer like Song Zuying.

However, I know that I could not succeed without efforts. So I must study hard at school, learn singing skills more and practice more. I believe that I will make my dream come true one day with my own hands.

That all ,Thank you

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