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四上英语第三单元第一课时let's learn

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What's his name? Who's he? His name is Zhang Peng.

tall and strong

Who's he? What's his name?

His name is John.

short and thin

Who's she?

Her name is Amy.


你能说出相反or 相对的单词吗?

tall-- short long-- short
strong— thin

big-- small black-- white
on— under boy-- girl teacher-- student man— woman

he-- she

his---- her

he Who's _____(he/she)? His ____(his/her) name is Yao Ming. strong tall He is _____ and ________. tall short thin stong

he Who's _____(he/she)? His ____(his/her) name is Fei Yangyang. strong short He is ______ and ________. tall short thin stong

she Who's _____(he/she)? Her ____(his/her) name is Mei Yangyang. quiet thin She is ______ and ________. thin stong quiet

she Who's _____(he/she)? Her ____(his/her) name is Nuan Yangyang. friendly She is strong and ________. ______ thin stong friendly

I have a new friend.

What’s his name.

He has small eyes. His name is Zhou Jielun.

I have a new friend.

What’s her name.

She has big eyes.

Her name is Zhao Wei.

I have a new friend.

Who’s he.

He’s tall and strong.

His name is Liu Xiang.


一、 选出不同类的单词(共5分,每小题1分)
( B )1. A. notebook B. key C.storybook C.you C.blue

( A )2. A. Chinese book B. I ( B )3. A. yellow ( A )4. A. toy

B.maths book B.pencil


( C )5. A. under



二、读一读,从下面选出它们的邻居(共2分) A.thirty-eight B.thirty-six C.forty-one




A B _____37_____
C 40______ F 50_______

三、 阅读。(共3分,每小题1分)
Hello, I’m Zhang Peng. My schoolbag is heavy. Look! I have many books in my schoolbag. Five notebooks , twelve story-books , four Chinese books , seven math books and fiftheen picture-books . How heavy ! (× )1、Zhang Peng has 20 story-books . (√ )2、Zhang Peng has 15 picture-books . (× )3、Zhang Peng has 4 math books and 7 Chinese books .

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