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1. at airport

2. live China

3. What is it? the in time

4. It’s 5:15.

5. let me you

6. That mine.

7. This yours. help is is

8. I’ll show you the rooms

9. Time breakfast. = Time have for to


10. What

would you like for breakfast?

11. I would like cereal.

12. We cook on the stove.

13. Mum is cooking eggs on the stove.

14. Let’s put

some dishes on the table.

15. What’s for supper?

16. make supper

17. This is


18. What are you doing?

19. I’m

washing the dirty dishes.

20. Here’s the


21. Jenny is sitting in a chair.

22. They are playing cards.

23. He is writing a letter.

24. Everyone is quiet.

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