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一、 单词

明信片_________ 一千_________ 一百_________ 公里_________ 百万_________ 墨西哥_________ 加拿大_________ 参观拜访_________ 美国_________

长度______ 长城___________ 东________

西________ 南________ 北__________

国家________ 更多________ 饭馆________ 图书馆________ 操场________ 大象________

猴子________ 西瓜________ 医生________

护士________ 警察_________ 星星________

司机____________ 唐人街________ 小提琴________

电脑________ 有时________ 广场________

二、 短语

1.how big___________________ 2.长城______________________

3.visit China_________________ 4.在……东边_________________

5.want to do sth______________ 6.去北京____________________

7.send an email to____________ 8.思念中国__________________

9. lots of________________ 10.告诉我更多_______________ 1

11.中国舞蹈_________________ 12. 在东边_____________

13.一张中国地图_________________ 14. 看_____________

15.中国商店_______________ 16.中国餐馆_________________


1.let's(完整形式)___________ 2.big(反义词)_______________

3.tell(三单形式)_______________ 4.we(宾格)_________________

5.miss(三单形式)________________ 6.two(同音词)______________

7.family(复数) _______________8.China(形容词形式) _______________

9.send(现在分词) ___________10.he(形容词性物主代词) _____________


1) What a big map __________America!

A.of B.about C.at

2)There postcards ___________great.

A.was B.is C.are

3)Qingdao is ______the east of China.

A.to B.in C.on

4)There is a Great Wall________China.

A.on B.in C.at

5)—Is there a cat under the chair?


6) —____________.

A.Yes,there is . B.Yes,it is. C.Yes,there are .


1.These postcards ______ (be) great.

2.There ____ (be) about eight million people.

3.There _____ (be) a book and two pens.

4.How big ____ (be) it ?


1. Amy ______ ________(正在参观)China.

2. It’s ___ _____ _____(一张。。。的照片)the Great Wall.

3. Xinjiang is____ ____ ______ _______(在。。。的西部) China.

4. ______ _______ ______ _______ ______ ______(多么大的一张美国地图啊)!

5. These ________(明信片) are very beautiful.

6. How big is___________(纽约)?

It’s got about eight ________(百万)people.

7. The Great Wall is about six________(千) seven hundred______(公里).

8. It is a big map of America. ( 改为感叹句)

_____ a big map of America it is!

9. You are a teacher. (改为一般疑问句)


10. He is a driver. (改为否定句)

11. _______ New York?(写成特殊疑问句)

It’s here, in the east.

12. It’就划线提问)

_____ _____ is it? (就划线提问)


1.me tell more about Great Wall the (.)


2、in there a is New Chinatown York (.)


3、a map big what America of (.)


4、lots there of are there Chinese restaurant (.)


5、is how it long (?)


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