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2013-2014年四年级英语上册 第二单元提优测试题

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(时间:60分钟 满分:100分)



( )1.A.desk B.dog c.drink

( )2.A.my desk B.his desk c.woman

( )3.A.mango B.man C.woman

( )4.A.seven B.eleven c.twelve

( )5.A.under B.behind c.hello

( )6.A.oranges B.mangoes C.bananas

( )7.A.This is my pen. B.That is my pen. c.That is your pen.

( )8.A.What's this? B.What's that? c.What's it?

( )9.A.this pineapple B.that pineapple c.the pineapple

( )10.A.like B.would like c.I'd like


( )1.A.I have an apple. B.Yes,I do. c.It's an apple.

( )2.A.It's my apple pie. B.It's an apple. c.They're apples.

( )3.A.I have two. B.It's two. c.I can see two.

( )4.A.Thank you. B.Yes. Here you are.C.OK.

( )5.A.Yes,it is. B.No,it is. C.No,l don’t.


1.-This____is for____.


2.-____ this on the____?

-____a dog.

3.-Do you have____ ____?

-Yes,I do.

4. -Can____have a look at____ ____?



四、判断画线部分读音是(/)否(X)相同。(6分) ( )1. behind what ( )2. dog door ( )3. seven these ( )4. eat dock ( )5. man time ( )6. dinner book



1.一只好看的狮子 2.那只兔子

3.一些葡萄 4.在桌子上

5.一只大橘子 6.How nice! 7.a hot cake 8.make a fruit salad 9.our new school bags 10.eat some grapes

六、选择合适的词填在横线上。(6分) 1. an egg. (I like,I'd like)

2.Do you have____ milk? (some,any)

3.Here____are. (you ,your)

4.I have____orange jacket. (a,an)

5.That is____dress,I think. (she,her)

6.How____pies do you have? (many,any)

七、单项选择。(10分) ( )1. Helen and her mother in a supermarket(超市).

A.am B.is C.are

( )2. -Do you have any brothers or sisters? -

A. Yes,I don't. B.No,I don't. C.Yes,I am.

( )3. -Can you see the birds? -No, .

A.I don't B.I'm not C.I can't

( )4. -Is that____pencil?

-No,____ isn't.

A. you;it B.your;it C.your;he ( )5. That's father.

A.my B.I C.you ( )6. -Do you like ?

-Yes,I do.

A.toy B.toys C.a toy

( )7. -What time is it? -

A. It's seven. B.I can see seven. C.At seven.

( )8. -Where's David?


- in the car. wwW .

A.It's B.She's C.He's

( )9. -What would you like? - a hot cake.

A.I like B.I am C.I'd like

( )10. -How nice! -

A. Thank. B.Thank you. C.OK.


1.—这是什么? —是一只猴子、

— ? —It's a .

2.—那是什么? —是一些大菠萝。 -What ? —They're

3.—你有一些牛奶吗? —没有。

— you have ? —No,I

4.我有一个可爱玩具老虎。 I a

九、根据上下文完成对话。(13分) ,

A: Nancy,____that on the desk?

B: It's____apple.

A: Whose apple____ ____?

B: It's____apple. Do____like______?

A: Yes,I____.I like red____.

B: But(但是) I like_____ apples.

A: ____ ___red apples do you have?

B: I____two.

十、阅读对话,判断正(T)误(F)。 (10分)

Nancy: May I come in,Yang Ling?

Yang Ling: Yes,come in,please.

Nancy: What's that on the ground(地上)?

Yang Ling: It's my toy bear.

Nancy: How big and lovely it is!

Yang Ling: Yes,I like it.It's from my mother.

Nancy: Can I have a look7


Yang Ling: Of course(当然).That panda is nice,too. It's for you,Nancy. Nancy: For me7

Yang Ling: Yes. Tomorrow(明天)is your birthday. Happy birthday to you. Nancy: Thank you.I like it. .

( )1. Yang Ling doesn't like the panda.

( )2. The toy bear is small.

( )3. The toy bear is for Yang Ling from her mother.

( )4. Nancy likes the panda.

( )5. Yang Ling's birthday is coming(快到了).


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