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2013-2014年四年级英语上册 第八单元提优测试题

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(时间:60分钟 满分:100分)



( )1.A.shoe B.sock C.fan

( )2.A.hair B.eye C.nose

( )3.A.small B.big C.fat

( )4.A.his B.he C.she

( )5.A.forty B.twenty C.fifty

( )6.A.how much B.how many C.how old

( )7.A.her hair B.his nose C.his mouth

( )8.A.a cup of coffee B.a glass of milk C.a glass of juice

( )9.A.Anything else? B.Can I help you? C.Here you are.

( )10.look at this parrot.B. Look at this robot. c.Look at our doll二、听录音,根据听到的句子选择正确的中文意思。(5分)

( )1.A.我喜欢狗。 B.我喜欢熊猫。 C.我喜欢老虎。

( )2.A.他们在卧室。 B.他们在厨房。 c.他们在客厅。

( )3.A.他会踢足球吗? B.他会打篮球吗? C.他会打乒乓球吗?

( )4.A.你好吗? B.你多大? C.给你。

( )5.A.二十元。 B.四十元。 C.五十元。


( )1.A.Yes,I do. B.Yes,I am. C.Yes,I can.

( )2.A.I'm ten. B.Thank you. C.How lovely.

( )3.A.I'd like a sandwich. B.I'd like a cup of tea.

C.I'd like some stickers.

( )4.A.I'm tall. B.I have some stickers. C.I like pandas.

( )5.A.It's on the desk. B.No,it isn't. C.Yes,he can.


A:____at our doll.

B: It's____.


B:Yes,and my doll is ____.His ____are ____.His ____is____.

I like my dolls.

A:I like my dolls,too.


五、判断下列各组单词画线部分的读音是(√)否(×)相同。(10分) ( )1. great bag ( )2. school like ( )3. five very ( )4. bed behind ( )5. doll pen ( )6. nine man ( )7. cat eat ( )8. ruler robot ( )9. six like ( )10. Mum farm



1.喜欢 2.钟

3.狗 4.篮球

5.猴子 6.大的

7.四十 8.跳

9.一杯奶 10.蛋糕


( )1.当你不知道手边某个东西的价格时,你会问:

A. What's this? B.How much is it?

C.How old are you?

( )2.你想告诉别人你不喜欢熊猫,你会说:

A.I don't like pandas. B.I'd like a cat.

C.I like dogs.

( )3.你想把雨伞借给迈克,你会说:

A. Here you are,Mike. B.It's an umbrella.

C. This umbrella is for you,Mike.

( )4.刘涛找不到他的帽子时,他会问:____

A. Where's your cap? B.Where's my cap?

C.Is this your cap?

( )5.你去小吃店,想喝一杯咖啡,你会说:____

A.I like a cup of coffee. B.A glass of milk.

C. I'd like a cup of coffee.

( )6. -Can she play football? -Yes, .

A. I do B. he is C. she can ( )7. The shoes are nice. How much are ?

A. it B. they C. them ( )8. Su Hai's is black and long.

A. eyes B. hair C. nose

( )9. -How are you? -

A. I'm nine. B. I'm Mike. C. I'm hungry.

( )10. -Is this your doll? -

A. No,it isn't. B. Yes,he do. C. No,l don't.

八.对话匹配。 (10分)

( )1. What would you like? A. Yes,I can.

( )2. How much is it? B. She's beautiful.

( )3. This is our doll. C. It's forty yuan..

( )4. Can you jump? D. It’s in the bedroom.

( )5. Where's my skirt? E. I'd like some noodles.

九.连词成句。 (15分).

1. about you Dad What (,?)


2. egg big a What (!)

3. are much they how (?)

4. yuan fifty have we (.)

5. nose are mouth .and small her (.)

十、看图,完成对话。(15分) 1. A: Do you bananas, Yang Ling? B: No,l .I some .

4. A: Her is long. Her is small.

5. B: Her and are big.


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