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se A.马 F. 米饭 B.护士 G. 警察 ce

C.医生 H.面条 ck D. 司机 I. 饺子 se E.鸭子 J.早饭 II.翻译下列短语。(5*1=5)

1. 起床吃午饭3.。做游戏



( )1. A. banana B. cook C. farmer D. teacher

( )2. A. pig B. worker C. cow D. hen

( )3. A. breakfast B. lunch C. ship D.supper

( )4. A. meat B.chicken C.vegetable D. fish

( )5. A. games B. morning C. afternoon D.evening


1.do(单三) 2.have(单三) 复数4.sheep(复数5.do(否定缩写’t(完全形式)

7. work(名词) 名词) 9. cow(复数) 10.watch(单三)

V. 快乐连线。(5*2=10)

( )1. What is your father? A. They have some toys in the box. ( )2. Who is that man? B. My father is a teacher.

( )3. When do you get up? C. We have meat for lunch.

( )4. What do you have in the box? E. I get up at six in the morning. ( )5. What do you have for lunch? F. He is my brother.

VI. 做选择,我最棒。(1*20=20)

( ) A. be B. to be C. is D. are

( )2. What A. be B. about C. do D. does

( ) farmers.

A. are are B. is is C. are is D. is are ( )4. What do you do the farm?

A. in B. under C. on D. at

( ) A. be B. to be C. is D. are

( )6. What’ A. on B. in C. for D. at

( )a dog.

A. don’t have B. doesn’t have C. don’t has D. doesn’t has

( ) A. don’t have any B. doesn’t have some

C. don’t has any D. doesn’t has some

( )up at six in the morning.

A. get B. to get C. gets D. getting

( )10。home.

A. at at B. at in C. in in D. to to

VII. 我是小小社交家。(5*2=10)

( )1. 如果想问Tom的哥哥是干什么工作的,你可以问:

A. What is your brother? B. What do your brother?

C. What does your brother?

( ) 2. 想知道Lisa的箱子里有什么东西?你可以问:

A. What does Lisa have in the box? B. What’s in the box?

C. What do Lisa have in the box?

( )3. 妈妈正在做晚饭,你想问妈妈晚饭吃什么,你可以问:

A. What’s for breakfast? B. What’s for lunch? C. What’s for supper?

( )4. 你想知道Lisa的爷爷晚上一般几点睡觉?你可以问:

A. What does your grandpa go to bed? B. What’s your grandpa?

C. When does your grandpa go to bed?

( )5. 妈妈想问你上午上几节课,你可以问:

A. How many subjects do you have? B. What subjects do you like?

C. What subjects do you have?

VIII. 判断下列句子的翻译(部分)或提示部分对(√)错 (×). 给句子看看病,

在错误的部分下划“ ”,并把它更正在后面的横线上。(5*2=10)

( )1. She are a farmer.(使用听诊器) ( )2. Tom have a egg for lunch.(鸡蛋和牛奶) ( )3. I get up in six in the morning.(下午六点) ( )4. When do she get up?(做游戏) ( )5. Early in bed and early to rise.(晚睡晚起) Ⅸ。把下列一般疑问句的肯否定回答,将序号填在横线上。(5*2=10)

A: Yes,she is. B. Yes,I do . C. Yes,there is. D. Yes,they are. E. Yes,she does. F. No, She isn’t. G. No, there isn’t. H. No, I don’t. I. No, She doesn’t. J .No, they aren’t.

1. A: Are they farmers? B:

2. A: Is she a cook? B:

3. A: Do you have meat? B:

4. A: Does she have meat? B:

5. A; Is there a cat? B:

Ⅹ. 轻松阅读,正确选择。(5*2=10)

My name is Alice. There are five people in my family. My grandpa and

grandma have a big farm. There are many animals on it. My father is a teacher.

He gets up at six in the morning. He has meat vegetable for lunch. My mother is

a nurse. She works in a hospital(医院).She has soup for supper. I am a student. I

am in Class2 Grade4. I have four classes in the morning and three classes in the

afternoon. I have eggs and milk for breakfast. I love my family. We have a happy(幸福的) family.

( )1. There are people in my family.

A. three B. four C. five

( ) A. teacher B nurse. C. student

( )for supper.

A. meat vegetable B. soup C. eggs and milk ( ) A. 2 4 B. 3 1 C. 4 2

( )5. I have A. three B. four C. five

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