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School: Class: Name: Ⅰ.Read and write.(读一读,写一写)54分 1、写出下列字母的左邻右舍。(8分)

Qq 2.英汉互译.(9分)

1.快点 6.在公园 9.等待 3、补全单词(9分)

1.en( ) sh( ) r( ) e( ) p( ) ) ) me ( ) ) 4按要求写单词(8分)

1.met(动词原形) 2.run(过去式) 3.go(过去式) 4.did(原形) 5.watch(过去式) 6.drop(过去式) 7.come(过去式) 8.buy(过去式) 5.按要求写句子。(9分) 1.We are going home now.

2.Did you walk to school yesterday?(作否定回答)

3.We came back last Sunday.(对画线部分提问)


1..单项选择,将选项填入题前的括号中。(10分) ( )1、When did you back? A. come B.came C.went ( )2、I my ice cream! A.drop B.dropped C. droped ( )3、Then we went home bus. A.on B.in C.by

( )4、What did you yesterday? A.do B.did C.go

( )5、Last Sunday,I my good friend. A.meet B.met C. meets ( )6.John is in America _________ Jim.

A. on B. with C. for

( )7.We are home now. John. Come with us.

A. go B. going C. gose

( me. mum.

A. on B. to C. for

( ) 9. Look at ______hot dogs! Let’s buy some. A. those B. this C. that

( )10.This our Chinese friend ,Lingling. A. am. B. are C. is

2..从右栏选出与左栏相对应的答语,将选项填入括号中。(10分) ( )1、When did you come back? A.I walk to school. ( )2、Did you watch TV yesterday? B.Yes,they did. ( )3、How do you go to school? C.I’m fine.

( )4、How are you? D.We came back last Sunday. ( )5、Did they buy ice cream? E.Yes,I did. 3.排序。(10分)

( )He’s Sam and Amy’s friend.

( )Yesterday I went to the park with Sam and Amy. ( )We met John in the park. ( ) Then we went home by bus. ( )We bought ice creams.

4 .选词填空,将答案写在横线上。(7分)

from with by in near at on

1.I live Amy and Sam. 2.You’re back China! 3.We go to school bike. 4.We met John the park. 5.Come us.

6.Look these flowers!

’s very cold. 4. 情景交际,将选项写在横线上。(10分)

A: Hello,Amy. B: John. A:

B:I’m fine,thanks.Where did you go yesterday? A: B:When did you come back?

A: Did you go to the park yesterday? B: A.I went to the supermarket. B.Hello.

C.I came back in the afternoon. D.No,I didn’t E.How are you?


Yesterday Xiaoyong went to school by bike.He had English and Chinese in the

morning.He had P.E in the morning.He played football with his classmates.He went home at five o’clock.He had a good time yesterday.

( )1.Xiaoyong went to school by bus yesterday. ( )2.He had P.E in the afternoon.

( )3.He played basketball with his classmates. ( )4.He went home at half past five. ( )5.He didn’t have a good time yesterday.

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