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How was your day课件

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brush my teeth

watch TV
wash my hands play computer games do my homework

soccer Billy played_______after school.



IsAre they happy?you see? Tino happy? What can

A: Yes,he is.are. B:No,he isn’t. A:Yes,they see…… B:No,they aren’t. I can

Listen and choose.

How was Billy’s day? A:It was OK.
B:It was so so. C:It was bad.

Did Billy win the game??

_______________ Yes,he did. _______________

What does Mom want Billy to do?
do his homework ________and_______________before Wash up dinner.

Can Billy watch TV now?
A:Yes,he can. B:No,he can’t.

He can watch TV after dinner.

P46:Listen and speak. ? Mom:____________________. Hi, Mom. I'm home. Hi, Billy. How was your day? ? Billy:_______________________. It was OK. We played soccer after school. ? Billy:_________________________________. Did you win the game? Mom:______________________. Yes, we did. Billy:__________________. That's great, Billy. Mom:_______________________. Now, wash up and do your Mom:_________________ homework befor dinner. ________________.
AW! Can I watch TV now? Billy:___________________. Mom:________________________. No. You can watch TV after dinner.


今天过得怎么样? ●How was your day?_______________ 很好,不错。 -It was OK.________ -It was so so.勉强过得去,一般。 放学后 ●after school___________
-It was bad.很糟糕。

Let’s study.

赢了比赛 ●win the game___________ 洗脸,洗手 ●wash up___________ 做……的作业 ●do one’s homework__________________
do my homework do your homework do his homework do her homework

晚饭前 ●before dinner______________
看电视 ●watch TV________________ 晚饭后 ●after dinner_______________

Can you read?

win before

did wash up

Can you remember?

win before

did wash up

Can you remember?

25 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 26 27 28 29 30 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

win before

did wash up


win do


we did before

Wash up

Look and learn.

I watch TV every day(每天).

I watched TV yesterday(昨天).

He washed his coat yesterday.

He played computer games yesterday.

My daughter(女儿) was sick last month(上个月).

She won the game last year.

She did her homework yesterday.

Read and fill in the blanks.
Billy 1_______soccer after school and he played won 2______the game.Billy was very happy,but Tino3 ______not happy because(因为) his was team(团队) lost the game(输了比 washed 赛).Billy4________up and5 _____his did homework before dinner.After dinner he watched 6_________TV . 备选栏: won was played washed up did watched

? 1.下列单词四英一汉。 win赢 soccer足球 wash up洗手,洗脸 before dinner晚饭前 after dinner晚饭后 2.记住下列动词过去式并任选三个造句子。 Is-was win-won do-did play-played watch-watched wash-washed 3.听磁带跟读课文。 4.(自选)用过去式时态写一篇日记。

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