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课题:M4 U1 It’s red.



Morning boys and girls,sit down please.

How are you ,Tom?

Hello,Lucy,you are wearing a nice skirt today.It’s cute!

Well,today,we are going to learn a new unit.

--- M4 colours Unit 1 It’s red.

Okay,let’s listen to a song first.

2,Warming up:play the song “colour song”

Who is wearing yellow today?Yellow today, yellow today?

Who is wearing red today?Red today, red today?

Who is wearing blue today?Blue today, blue today?

Who is wearing green today?Green today, green today?

Who is wearing black today?Black today, black today?


Just now, we have listened to the “colour song”.

Have you noticed how many colours are there in this song?

--- red blue yellow green black (the chameleons are under) Okay,here are 5 chameleons with different colours on the blackboard. Please read after me.

--- What colour is it? It’s red.

Well,let’s play a guessing game.Who give me the right answer,will get a sticker!

What colour is in it? It’s green!Bingo!

(After the game,deliver the sticker.)


Pretty good!Now please open your books Page 20,listen to the vedio and read after it.

(1)Listen,point and say

(2)Listen,point and find “It’s...”

(3)Listen and say.



So much for this,let’s do a review.

What have we learnt today?

“Red,blue,yellow,green,black. It’s red.”

Very good! All of you have done a good job today.


Here is the homework for:(in PPT)

Please draw a picture with the 5 colours we have learnt today.After you finish it,please talk with your partner”what colour is it?””It’s red.”. “It’s yellow.””It’s blue.””It’s green.””It’s black.”

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