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Review of unit 2

My schoolbag
授课老师:叶晓君 惠州乌石小学

A. Recite the converstion together! Hi, Chen Jie. I have a new... schoolbag Really? white black and ... Look! It’s ... Wow! It’s a ... panda What’s ... your ... in schoolbag ? storybooks mathsbook,three ... An English book, a ... ... It’s a ... panda ! fat

B.Test your memory!

Read out the word and stick the correct word card on the blackboard. 读出单词并且把正确的单词卡粘帖在黑板上。

C. Review of the sounds

/ai/ I /i/

Act as a detective侦探 to find out the word whose sound is different from the other two. 做做小侦探找出发音与其他两项不同的单词。

/i/ /ai/ /ai/ /i/ /ai/ /ai/

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. /ai/ 7.

A. big A. like A. five A. kite A. big A. fish A. white

B. pig B. rice B. six B. fish B. kite B. like B. bike

C. nine C. six C. ice C. window C. picture C. icecream C. in

Try to pronounce it! 读一读,拼一拼。








/p?kt?? /

D. Review of the sentences.
Rearrange the sentences.重组句子 1. colour What your is schoolbag What colour is your schoolbag? 2. in What your is pencilbox What is in your pencilbox? 3. your Chinese book under your put desk Put your Chinese book under your desk.

Write sentences to match the picture!看图写句子 1.

I have... 2.

I have...

1. I have two storybooks, an English book, a pencilbox and six candies. 2. I have three keys, two toys, a maths book and two erasers.

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